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After everyone had cooled down we started getting off the bed.“Anyone for a cold drink?” Mandy asked.Everyone said yes, and we all walked into the dining area.I walked up behind Mandy sliding my arms around her waist from behind kissed her neck, and then whispered in her ear, “That was so hot watching you with Kathy and Helen! Thank you.”“Oh you peeked, did you? Well, it was my pleasure and you can watch anytime you like.” she smiled.“Would it be okay if I grab another quick shower please?”“Of course you can babe, and you don’t have to ask silly, just help yourself.” she replied.“Mmm like I did this morning?” I gave her a little squeeze and kissed her neck again. “Cheeky! But yes, and you can do that anytime you like too.” she turned to me and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips.I went and took a shower re-living the morning’s events in my head. ‘What an amazing life experience this is turning out to be,’ I thought to myself. 'I should have done this years ago.' I had been in the shower about fifteen minutes, and as I was drying myself down when Mandy entered the bathroom.“Everyone has gone, hun and they said to say goodbye,”“Hope they did not think I was being rude by having a shower and not seeing them off?” I asked.“No, not at all. They needed to go and take showers themselves,”“That’s okay then,” I said.Mandy moved closer to me and put her hands gently on each side of my face and kissed me.“Are you ready to try something else that might be new to you?” she asked.“Depends on what it is. But as you know I am game to try anything.” I replied.Mandy took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She had changed all the bedding, and lying on top of the bed was a strap-on dildo and a few silk scarves.“Okay, so what have you got planned this time?” I chuckled.“Trust me you will love it, and besides if you don’t we can stop,”Mandy positioned me on the bed on my hands and knees. Once she had me where she wanted she tied each wrist and ankle to the corners of her bed, and then put the blindfold on me.“Don’t worry, I will be very gentle. Just lose yourself in the moment and relax,” she said as she kissed me again.I felt her move off the bed, and I guessed she was putting on the strap-on, and then I felt her climb on the bed behind me. Her hands stroking up and down my back as she planted small kisses all over my back and butt cheeks. Then she started massaging my arse cheeks with her hands and licking my crack from the top down.I felt a cold liquid hit my skin then she rubbed it into my sphincter and gently pushed a finger into my tight hole, and her other hand was caressing my dangling balls. Mandy applied some more lube and then inserted a second finger. Feeling my arse being stretched was becoming easier each time she penetrated me, and now there was no pain only pleasure. ‘Fuck this woman is so talented,’ I thought to myself as I let out several moans.“That feel ok, babe?” she asked in a soft voice.“Oh yes, it feels wonderful,”“Now completely relax,” she added.I relaxed as much as I could and felt her adding a third finger into my anus. I now started pushing back onto her fingers as she worked them in and out of me, and slightly twisting her fingers each time.“Okay, I think you’re ready to take my plastic cock now.” she whispered.I still was not sure if I could take the strap-on. It is about seven inches long and about three inches thick. I could not believe I had let this woman do so many new things to me, and I have only known her for twenty-four hours. I could feel the cold plastic nudging against my rear entrance and then felt it push through the muscle barrier. I tensed a little as it worked its way in, and it was a little uncomfortable.“Relax baby, it will get easier or would you like me to stop?” She asked.“No don’t stop. I will be ok in a second or two.” I reassured her.“Good boy!” she laughed.Mandy continued gently pushing into me, and then she stopped and placed her hands on my hips. My anal muscles adjusted and relaxed around the phallus object. She began slowly moving back and forth. I must admit it did feel really good and the tingling sensations that ran right through my body soon had me relax and fully enjoying the fucking I was getting from her. Mandy was now shafting me quicker as she gripped my hips, and with each thrust, I let out groans of pleasure. After about five minutes she stopped and pulled out of me, I felt empty and a little disappointed.“Don’t worry I’m not finished yet. I just need a quick pee.” she giggled like a little school girl.I felt her get off the bed then I heard the bedroom door open. I was still tied up and blindfolded and for a brief moment felt a little silly for being in this situation. Two minutes later I heard the toilet flush and the bedroom door open again.“Okay sexy, I’m back. Are you ready for some more cock?” she asked.“Yes please,” I answered eagerly.I felt her climb back onto the bed and get between my legs, and her hands parted my butt cheeks. I felt the head of the strap-on again push its way into me, only this time it felt different, warmer and softer somehow. I put it down to being relaxed and more accepting of the alien invader. Deeper in it went, and her hands stroked up and down my back slightly digging her nails into my flesh.“Fucking hell that feels so good,” I gasped.“So glad you’re enjoying it. Would you like it a little harder?”“Just a little,” I stammered.The rhythm built up, and I could feel the penetration going deeper and getting harder. My arse had adjusted well to being screwed. Suddenly I felt the bed near my head sink a little, and then felt a warm breath near my skin as a pair of soft lips kissed mine. ‘Holy shit someone has come in and joined us, the curtains and door must be open,’ I thought.I felt a little panicked and vulnerable being tied up and not able to see anything or anyone, but I was so lost in the waves of pleasure I was experiencing that I just continued to go with it. I felt the tip of a tongue flicking across my lips. ‘At least it is a woman,’ I thought. The lips felt familiar somehow.“Are you still enjoying having your ass fucked?”'Fucking hell it was Mandy kissing me! But if that is the case who the hell is fucking my arse with the strap-on now?' I wondered.“Errr erm, yeah but who is fucking me?” I asked with a slight tremor in my voice.Mandy removed my blindfold. “See for yourself,” she said.I looked back. I was shocked to see Dave was fucking me. No wonder the sensation felt warmer and softer the second time I was penetrated.“Hope you don’t mind? Mandy said she would love to see you taking a cock in your ass,” he smiled and continued fucking me.“I’m just a little stunned, but it feels good,”Mandy leant into me, “Thank you, it is such a huge turn on for me as you know. I could not help myself, and my cunt is so wet.”“It’s fine, honest Don’t worry about it. In fact get that pussy up here so I can taste how wet you are,”Mandy put a leg on either side of my head, and sort of squatted above my face. Then she held her puffy swollen labia open for me so I could lick it. She was very wet indeed, and some of her slick juices ran out of her cunt and down her thigh. I found myself now thinking more about how good Dave’s rampant cock felt inside my arsehole. Feeling it going back and forth, and how it stretched my sphincter. I had a slightly guilty feeling about enjoying it so much and was now convinced I am bisexual.Dave was fucking faster now and his breathing getting deeper and faster.“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted.“Fill his ass with your hot spunk, Dave. Then I can lick it out,” panted Mandy as she had an orgasm over my face.I felt Dave go rigid as he held my hips tight, and then I felt a warm sensation as he spurted his man seed into my arsehole. I felt so strange to not only have a man fuck me but to cum inside me too! Mandy recovered from her orgasm and climbed to the bottom of the bed taking over from where Dave had been, and then she opened my ass cheeks.“Mmm, you’re gaping so nicely, and I can see Dave’s sperm in your ass,”Then she lowered her head and started licking as deep as she could in my abused arsehole. I could hear her slurping and swallowing Dave’s cum. Dave untied me from the silk scarves that restrained me. Mandy gave my ass cheeks a slap as she turned me over and slid herself up my body, and then she kissed me. I could taste Dave’s cum on her lips and tongue. It was a little saltier than my own but I still liked t
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he taste. What happened next was another shock to me.Mandy raised her head up slightly and told Dave to slide his wilting cock between our faces so we could both lick him clean at the same time. Dave moved closer to us and did as instructed. I felt the head of his cock brush against my lips. I looked down towards his dick and saw Mandy start to lick his head and shaft, attentively I followed her lead and eased my tongue out to meet the underside of his softening penis.The feel of his cock against my tongue felt soft and smooth. I could taste some spunk still on his shaft. Mandy used her tongue to push Dave’s cock firmer against my mouth, and I opened my lips to slide them along his twitching prick in a similar way someone would play a mouth organ only the organ I was playing was another man’s cock!I suddenly thought to myself, ‘fuck it, in for a penny in for a pound,’ and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head.“Mmm that feels nice,” Dave said as he moaned.“Mmm looks nice too. You are a dirty fucking slut aren’t you, Tim?” Mandy chuckled.After a couple of minutes, Dave removed his cock and said he was getting sensitive. Mandy kissed me again and climbed off me. We all walked out of the bedroom when suddenly I saw the rest of the group was still here.“Well, did he or didn’t he?" laughed Dan.“Oh, he sure as hell did.” replied Dave.“Well done and fair bloody play to you, mate,” Ken said to me.“Er, thanks. I did say I am open-minded,” I blushed.We all sat having a cuppa as the others quizzed Mandy over my latest experience. About forty-five minutes later I rose to my feet.“I need to pop to my van for a bit and will catch up with you all later,” I kissed the ladies on the cheek and shook the men by the hand.As I was stepping out of the caravan Mandy placed her hand on my shoulder. “Are you ok babe?” she asked.“Yes, I’m fine honestly. Just need to go freshen up and put some deodorant on. Pop by later if you like or I can come collect you for the bbq later,”“Just as long as you are ok. Would hate to think I overstepped the mark,”“Don’t worry. I really enjoyed it, besides I could have said no and stopped it,” I smiled at Mandy and kissed her while giving her hand a little squeeze in a reassuring way.I went back to my caravan and took another shower. While the water ran over my body my mind went over everything. I could not quite get my head around allowing a man to fuck me, even if I did enjoy every moment of it. My arse felt a little bruised but that was outweighed by the pleasure.Once I was dry, I sprayed my armpits and splashed on a little cologne. I then made myself a nice strong coffee and sat in my lounge area looking out of the window. I could see the couple opposite me outside their caravan. Well, I say outside; she was actually bent over the step leaning inside the doorway while he was fucking her good and hard from behind, spanking her ass cheeks and pulling her long hair.‘Fuck this is one hell of a camp site,’ I thought as I picked up one of my wildlife magazines and sipped my coffee. After about twenty minutes there was a knock at my door. I got up and opened the door and standing there was Mandy. I gave her a big smile and she smiled back at me.“Come in, babe,” I stood back allowing her to enter, and as she passed me I patted her firm butt cheeks. “Would you like a drink? Coffee, tea or maybe a glass of wine?”“What are you having?” she replied.“That is not an answer. I asked you,” I laughed. “I am going to have a glass of wine as I have just had a coffee.”“A glass of wine would be lovely then.”I opened the fridge and took out a bottle of wine and poured us both a drink, and we sat on the sofa together. We chatted away on many subjects. The more time I spent with Mandy the more I was starting to really fancy her and not just in a sexual way.“Would you like to go out for a meal with me sometime when we get home?” I asked.“I would love to very much,” she smiled at me.“Great! I will give you my number and address before I leave tomorrow,” I leant across and kissed her, and placed my hand on the top of her thigh.Mandy returned my kiss and we started French kissing. Mandy’s one hand stroking my leg and the other playing with my pierced nipple. My cock began to stir. I had a hand on the back of her neck, and the other caressing her side. Her skin felt so soft and smooth to my touch.Mandy broke off our kiss and looked into my eyes while holding my face in her well-manicured hands.“I really thought I had spoilt all our fun by what I did earlier,” she said in a really soft toned voice.“Not at all. Like I said before, I could have stopped it at any point. So please don’t worry about it any more babes,”“Oh good, because I really like you, Tim,”“I really like you too Mandy, and I think your such a wonderful, caring and damn sexy woman,” again I leant in and kissed her, and then I moved my mouth near her ear and whispered, “come to bed with me so I can make love to you,”“Yes, yes. I would love that,” she murmured.I took Mandy by the hand, and as we passed the caravan door I pulled it shut and then led Mandy into my bedroom. “Get comfy while I close the curtains,” I said.Mandy climbed onto my bed, and after closing the curtains I joined her. We lay on our sides facing each other just looking deeply into each other's eyes. I ran my fingertips over her bare shoulders and down her side over the curves of her hips, and down her leg as far as I could reach before stroking back up again. Mandy’s body shuddered, and she let out a sigh. I kissed her lips, and then her neck. Slowly I kissed lower down her body till I found an erect nipple and began flicking my tongue over it, and sucked it into my mouth giving it a gentle nibble. Mandy let out several moans of pleasure as I rolled her onto her back.She had a hand on my head stroking my hair and her other hand caressing my shoulder. I kissed all over her breast’s and then moved my kisses southward to her navel, and I circled my tongue around it before poking the tip into her sunken button. Mandy slightly arched her back. Kissing lower till I reached the mound of her smooth shaven pubic area. I shuffled down the bed between her legs and raised them up. My tongue now teased her swelling clit.“Oh fuck, yeah. That feels so good,” she moaned.I sucked on her bud and flicked my tongue quickly over and over it. Mandy was gyrating herself against my mouth. I used my tongue to trace down the folds of her labia. I could taste and smell her sweet nectar as I parted them. I probed inside her pussy as deep as I could with my tongue. She was so wet.“Enough teasing! Please, I want your cock inside me,” her breathing was becoming deeper and her tits heaved up and down with each breath she took.I kissed my way back up her body till I was face to face with her. The head of my stiff erection nestling just at her opening. I reached down with one hand and guided my dick inside her, and slowly parting her labia as I entered her tight wet slippery vagina. I was in no rush so just gently pushed in till I was fully embedded inside her, and feeling every movement of her pussy muscles around my bulbous head and throbbing shaft.Mandy wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in deeper. I looked into her piercing green eyes, and they seemed to be sparkling. We started kissing passionately as I starting pumping my cock in and out. Mandy gently bit my lower lip as her first orgasm took hold of her as she was shuddering I just held my cock deep inside her.Her legs tightened around me and her arms gripped around my back. Once her body started to relax I started moving my cock back and forth again. My pace quickened, and I thrust in deep and hard. After about five minutes I could feel my own orgasm start to build from balls along my thick vein.“I’m going to cum again babe,” Mandy growled.“I’m going to cum too, Mandy,”A few more thrusts and my hot seed flowed deep into Mandy’s spasming cunt. We started kissing each other, our tongues entwining. I held Mandy tight to me as we both seemed lost in our orgasms, and her grip on me tightened too.“Wow! Thank you so much that was truly beautiful,” Mandy said looking into my eyes. Her eyes seemed watery.“It felt so sensual, Mandy, you really are a wonderful lover,”I rolled off Mandy and lay beside her. We held each other and seemed to drift off to sleep at the same time.  I hope everyone who reads this chapter enjoys it and will be kind enough to leave a comment good or bad. 

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