Baga Pula In Pizda Ei Stramta De Fata Virgina Xxx Public24 Matrimoniale

Baga Pula In Pizda Ei Stramta De Fata Virgina Xxx Public24 Matrimoniale

My daughter came home from school and rushed up to her room without so much as a ‘hello’. It didn’t take a degree in Psychology or even a mother’s intuition for me know that something was wrong. She was seventeen and things like this seemed to be happening more and more these days. Girls are so emotional at that stage. I decided to give her a little time alone to calm down. She would come to me if she needed something. We had a pretty close relationship and she rarely kept anything from me. I just assumed it was another silly fight with her friends or a disagreement with her boyfriend. My husband, Craig, was out of town so dinner would be just Erin and I tonight. I didn’t really feel like cooking and decided I would just order a pizza for us to share. “Erin? How does pizza sound for dinner?” I yelled up the stairs. There was no answer so I climbed the stairs and gently knocked on her door. “Erin? Did you hear me? How about pizza for dinner?” I asked. “Yeah, whatever, that’s fine,” she replied from the other side of the door. “Okay, I’ll order it now. Will you be ready to eat in half an hour?” I asked. “That’s fine,” she replied, still sounding upset. I figured she probably still wanted to be alone so I let her be and went back down to order the pizza. Once the pizza was ordered, I sat down in our living room to watch a little TV before it was delivers. Thirty minutes later, the pizza arrived and, upon hearing the doorbell, Erin came down to grab a bite to eat. Dealing with teenagers is a tricky skill to master. Over the years, I’ve learned that pushing the issue and trying to find out what was wrong would usually lead to Erin getting upset and telling me nothing was wrong. Somewhere along the line, I learned that the way to do it was just waiting for her to bring it up herself. She was usually dying to talk about whatever was bugging her but on her own terms. As we ate, I’m not even sure what we talked about - nothing notable, just the events of the day and maybe some things that happened at work for me. Suddenly, there was that silence and I could tell that she was thinking about bringing up what was bothering her. “So... Tony and I broke up today...” she said quietly. “Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that! Are you okay? What happened?” I asked. She and Tony had been dating for about 3 months and seemed to really get along well. “This is so embarrassing... Promise you won’t tell dad?” she asked me. “Yes - of course! I swear. This is between the two of us.” I promised her. “Okay... well, we got into a fight after school because I won’t... do stuff with him.” she confided in me. “Honey, that’s terrible! He shouldn’t be pressuring you into doing anything you don’t want to do.” “Mom, we’ve talked about this before. It’s not that I don’t want to... or that I haven’t done some of those things before, it’s just that... well, he’s... he’s too big.” She said, embarrassed. “Too big? What do you... Oh! Oh my gosh!” I yelled. “Mom!” she screamed, laughing a little bit, but mostly mortified that she was discussing this with me. To be fair, we had a pretty open parent-child relationship and have had conversations like this in the past. Maybe not this explicit, but I’ve always been a believer in open conversation being the best way to raise a kid. The less they feel they have to hide, the more they will include you in their lives. “Sorry... sorry...” I said. Shifting back into mom-mode, I added, “Listen, Erin, you should never do anything that makes you uncomfortable. And we have talked about safety before, so if you need female advice. We can talk about this without embarrassment.” She looked unsure, but then she just started talking without stopping to think. “Okay, here’s the whole story. We’ve been together for three months and of course, we have made out a little and stuff, but last weekend, we started going a little further. He... touched me down there... When he was done, I started rubbing him over his jeans. It felt really big but then we got interrupted when his mom called and said he needed to come home right away.” She continued, “We had to stop what we were doing and leave the party. I felt bad, so after he dropped me off, I took a picture of myself in my underwear and sent it to him... I know, I know, I shouldn’t do that! But I made sure my face wasn’t in it. Anyway, he responded with a picture of his own... and well, it was scary looking.” “Is that the first one you’ve seen?” I questioned. “Well, no... I mean, yes, kind of. Last summer, I touched Bobby’s at the movies but it was nothing like Tony’s! I didn’t even know how to respond so I ignored him for the rest of the weekend. Today, at school, I told him that it was freakish and he got mad and broke up with me.” “Honey, that’s a mean thing to say. He’s probably self conscious of it!” I told her. As I was talking, I couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t being exaggerated. Teenage girls tend to stretch the truth every once in a while. Hell, even if she was telling the truth, it was possible that he sent a picture he found online to impress her and it ended up backfiring. “I know. I shouldn’t have said it but I was freaked out. What am I supposed to do with something like that? I sure as hell don’t want to lose my virginity with something like that!” she said. Oh, good, she’s still a virgin! I thought. I felt like a good mother for some reason. We continued the conversation and I eventually succeeded at calming her down. We laughed a lot and talk about boys. I probably overshared some of my high school experiences but it was all in the name of making her feel better. It was probably good that her father was out of town! The next day was Friday and Craig was coming back that afternoon. I think it was all the sex talk from the night before but I was really looking forward to his return, if you know what I mean. Erin came home from school and seemed to be in a much better mood. “Well, someone seems to be in better spirits today!” I said, as she pranced into the kitchen. “Duh, it’s the weekend!” she yelled, “And... Tony and I are back together. Can he come over and watch a movie tonight?” “Of course! But none of that stuff we talked about last night in my house, okay?” I warned her. “Oh my god, mom! I know. You and dad will probably be in the same room!” she said. Later that night, around 8:00pm, Tony showed up for the movie. He and Erin settled in on the living room couch, while Craig and I caught up on each other’s weeks in the kitchen. I told him that we were going to be watching a movie with Erin and Tony and he seemed happy to have a relaxing night in. Shortly after the movie started, I looked over at Craig and he was fast asleep in his favorite recliner. Tony and Erin were snuggled up on the love seat, laughing at the movie. I decided to give them a little alone time and woke up Craig, telling him we should go to bed since he was so tired. “We’re going to head up to our room, guys, goodnight!” I said to Erin and Tony. “Goodnight!” They said, in unison. I was hoping that would give Craig and I at least an hour of ‘alone time’ that I needed so badly but I was shocked to find out that he was just too tired from traveling. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow. So much for that, I thought! Disappointed, I settled into bed next to him and turned on our TV. After about thirty minutes, I heard Erin tiptoeing up the stairs and entering the bathroom. I decided I would catch her on her way out to ask how things were going to see if she and Tony were back to being a happy couple. As she left the bathroom, I called out to her in a whisper. “Erin!” She turned around, a little startled. “What?” She asked in s whisper. “How is everything going?!” “Mom... it’s horrible. I know what you said earlier but after you left, Tony and I started kissing. I got a little carried away and touched him over his shorts. I panicked when I felt it and he asked what was wrong. I told him I was afraid of it and he got really upset. Not mad or anything, kind of sad. I think he thinks he’s a freak now. No other girl has ever touched it before, he said.” she confessed. “Honey, it can’t be that big.” I told her. “They are usually pretty standard. Maybe it’s just a little bigger than Bobby’s, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it.” “Maybe you’re right.” She admitted. “Okay, don’t get mad, but I’m going to try to make him feel better.” “Don’t tell me that!” I said, a little shocked that she was being so honest. She laughed and headed back downstairs to the living room. I took that as my cue to stay upstairs for the rest of the night. I know it sounds ridiculous as a parent, but I’d be a complete and total hypocrite if I said I wasn’t doing the same things and probably even worse at her age. Besides, we had just confirmed she was a virgin earlier that day, so it wasn’t like they would be having sex. At least one of the women in this house could get some action tonight... I got back in bed and settled in to watch an episode or two of House of Cards. I looked over at Craig and considered trying to wake him up but realized it would be a lost cause. Once he was asleep, he was out cold and it’s not like some half-awake thrusting from him would get me off. Maybe tomorrow! About 20 minutes into the episode, I heard footsteps running up the stairs again. This time I noticed those footsteps did not go into the bathroom, but to the other end of the hall where Erin’s room was. Curious, I decided to investigate. I may have been okay with a little harmless fooling around in the living room but I wasn’t about to allow a free-for-all under my roof if they
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were both in there. I crept out of my room and decided to see what was going on. I went downstairs first to make sure my ears had not deceived me. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, I saw Tony in the living room putting on his jacket like he was getting ready to leave. “Hey Tony, everything okay? I figured you guys would be hanging out for a while longer.” I asked him. “Oh, hi, Mrs. Wilkinson. Yeah, everything’s fine, " he said, but I could tell he was not telling me the truth. “Are you sure? I heard Erin run up the stairs. Did you guys have another fight?” I asked him. As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized I had probably said too much. He looked at me as if he was unsure what to say. “She told you about that?!” he said in disbelief. “Oh my god, what did she tell you?” “Nothing! Forget I said anything.” I tried backpedalling, but I knew I had already caused more damage. “This is so embarrassing, Mrs. Wilkinson! It’s not enough that half the school will think I’m a freak but now you know too?” He was freaking out. “Tony, you aren’t a freak. Listen, mothers and daughters talk. It’s healthy. She’s a young girl so she is probably just nervous and overwhelmed. Everything will be fine.” I tried calming him down. There was a long pause. I was out of my depth here. I had no idea what to say next. I felt really bad for him. He was a really nice kid and he seemed so upset. “Will you... look at it?” he said very quietly. “What? No! That’s so inappropriate!” I said, shocked. “No! Not like that. I mean, just to, like, tell me if it’s normal or not. Like the same way a doctor would.” He said sincerely. I had no idea how to handle this. I considered it for a second and my motherly instinct took over and I started processing this like a concerned parent. “Okay, fine. If it will calm you down and make you feel better.” I said. “Alright, here’s goes nothing.” he muttered, almost to himself. He took a deep breath and grabbed the elastic waistband of his shorts. In one quick motion, he pulled them down and exposed himself to me. I glanced down and hanging between his legs was the largest penis I have ever seen. It was completely soft but was probably about six inches and very thick for its flaccid state. I was speechless. “See? Erin was right, wasn’t she? I’m a freak.” he said, panicking at my reaction. “What? No! No... it’s fine. I mean, yeah, it’s not small. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of!” I assured him. I was completely mesmerized by this 18 year old’s penis. My mind was reeling. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like in an aroused state. “It’s okay, Mrs. Wilkinson. You don’t have to lie. I just don’t know what I am ever going to do with this thing. I’m just going to scare girls away for the rest of my life.” he said, dejected. “Tony... let me take a closer look. Can I touch it?” I asked. He stared at me in disbelief, as if he was wondering what the right answer was. I didn’t wait for a response and just reached out and grabbed him. I felt the weight of it in my hand. As I lifted it, I noticed that he had a pair of balls that were proportional to the rest of his genitals. In somewhat of a trance, I slowly stroked and squeezed his cock, bring it to life before my very eyes. “Mrs. Wilkinson, I don’t...” he started, but I cut him off. “Shh, shh, shh...” I shushed him. He went silent and I kept my attention on his growing member in my hand. As I stroked, it grew and grew. At one point, I remember thinking that it could not possibly get larger, but it was not even rock hard yet. By the time it was, it was easily the length of my forearm and thick as could be. Imagine an empty paper towel roll hanging between a man’s legs. That’s what I was dealing with. While this was happening, I was keeping an ear out for any noises coming from upstairs. At this point, Erin probably assumed that Tony had left and that I was asleep in my room, but I was still worried she might come back down stairs. “Listen for any noises from upstairs, okay? We can’t afford to get caught.” I told Tony. He just nodded his head that he understood. In any case, my mind was made up. I was back in the slutty days of my youth. I had never seen anything like this and I was on autopilot. I squatted down and took him into my mouth. I could barely get more than the bulbous head into my mouth, so I continued stroking him with my hand. As I worked Tony’s monster with my mouth and right hand, my left hand found it’s way into the elastic waistband of my pajama pants and inside my panties. I found myself wet beyond belief and began rubbing my clit. Jolts of pleasure shot through me as I pleasured myself and Tony at the same time. The sight before him must have been a little too much for his 18 year old mind to handle. Within a couple minutes, I felt him tense and, with no warning at all, he started cumming in my mouth. It surprised me at first and with such a mouthful already, I choked on his semen a little bit. That little sputter caused his dick to fall out of my mouth and his next two spurts shot out across my chin and dripped down onto my t-shirt. So much for not leaving evidence! “I’m so sorry!” Tony exclaimed in an excited whisper. “Don’t be sorry.” I told him. Standing back up, I kissed him fully on the mouth. He was probably a little shocked my this, as it took about two seconds for him to start kissing me back. It was so hot and passionate that I don’t think he noticed or minded the fact that he was tasting his own cum. The whole time we kissed, I never took my hand off his cock. God bless that 18 year old spirit, his erection never subsided even a little bit. As we kissed, I took his hand and guided it too my panties, letting him feel how wet he had made me. This seemed to wake him up out of his shocked state and his hands were now exploring my 44 year old body. I have done my best to stay in decent shape over the years, so even at my age, I felt that I had a pretty good figure. Sure, he was used to feeling up taut seventeen year olds, I had no shame in my body and loved the attention he was giving me. His right hand stayed inside my panties and was now working a finger inside my slippery hole. He lacked the experience but I was so turned on at this point that any touch felt amazing. His left hand was busy groping my breasts. He alternated between squeezing them and paying specific attention to my hard nipples underneath my bra. I snapped back to reality for a second and realized that we didn’t have all night for this. I pulled away from him and stepped back. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked, surprised by the sudden move. “Oh god no. We just don’t have much time!” I told him. With that, I pulled my pants and panties midway down my thighs and bent over the counter. “Put it in me, Tony, but be gentle. It’s going to take a minute for me to adjust to that thing.” I instructed him. He didn’t say another word and took his place behind me. Moments later, I felt the head of his enormous cock rubbing against my soaking wet slit. Reaching between my legs, I grabbed ahold of him and guided him to his target. He thrusted forward and sunk about three inches into my in one stroke. I shuddered with a slight sting of being stretched so wide. “Oh god, that feels incredible, but go slow.” I told him. He pushed again and another inch disappeared inside me. I was seeing stars at this point. I’m not even sure how long it took but inch my inch, he made his way inside me. I was panting, sweating, and trying to remain silent throughout the whole process. I couldn’t believe how full I felt. It was a strange combination of pain, pleasure, and pressure. Again, I reached between my legs and felt his large balls dangling just outside my pussy. This meant that he was nearly one hundred percent inside my. Just the realization of this added another sensation to the mix: a sudden and violent orgasm. As it tore through me, I bit my lip and tried to stay quiet but a low moan escaped me. My vagina shuddered and contracted around it’s massive invader. “Fuck. Me.” I whispered through clenched teeth. He took instruction well and started thrusting a little faster. As he stroked in and out, the pleasure never ceased. That first orgasm never really ended and I experienced true multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I was a shaking mess. Then, just as suddenly as the first time, I felt him tense up. His already hard dick swelled a little bit more and let go another load inside my stretched out cunt. I felt spurt after spurt of his seed coating my insides. When he finally stopped cumming, he slowly withdrew. As he pulled out, I felt his cum running down the inside of my right thigh. Breathing hard, covered in sweat, with my pants still stretched around my knees, reality finally set in. I had just fucked my daughter’s boyfriend in my kitchen while she and my husband we upstairs. The whole ordeal only lasted about fifteen minutes but it had felt like a lifetime. Had anyone heard anything?! I had no plan for what would happen next. “Tony, that was incredible but I think you better go right now. Don’t ever speak a word of this or it will never happen again.” I told him. I think he was in shock because all he did was pull his pants back up and walked into the hallway to find his shoes. I walked up behind him and asked him for his phone. He looked confused but handed it over. I entered my number and saved it as “Mrs. W” and gave it back to him with a wink. Maybe it was the post-orgasmic bliss but I clearly was not thinking clearly yet. All I knew was that I needed to experience that again. So what if it was not appropriate or adulterous? My inner slut had been awakened and there was nothing I could do about it.

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