The fat pussy nympho fucks to break up with her gifted lover

The fat pussy nympho fucks to break up with her gifted lover

Part of me says I’m the one to blame for the stagnancy in our marriage. I didn’t want to shoulder that responsibility; after all, what wife would want to say that she’s the reason that her marriage is falling apart? Surely my husband’s emotional negligence was a kindling to the fights that led to this moment, but as much as I tried to avoid it, I knew that it was an impulse decision on my part that caused my life to capsize. It all started when my husband, David, announced ecstatically a new major contract he sequestered. David is a software developer who left his company to work on his own product. Although we were nervous about the welfare of our family (us, my 19 year old daughter and my 12 year old son) at the time, David worked tirelessly as an independent contractor to make sure that we would still be financially stable even if his product fell through. There were many nights at a time where I don’t recall him ever coming to bed, as he would work for 19 hours straight on contracts and his product before finally crashing in the office. I couldn’t press David to do any more than he did, but I couldn’t help but feel empty. When he was working at his company, David always made time to take me out for romantic evenings that usually ended with passionate lovemaking. But at this point I couldn’t even remember the last time he and I did anything remotely sexual. I suppressed my frustration with David by simply just going about my own business and ignoring him completely, though it didn’t seem like he noticed. Just the thought of him would remind me of the lack of interaction between us and depress my mood. When he announced his new sales opportunity, it felt like the first time I had seen him leave the office room in months. The disheveled and pudgy man that embraced me was different from the thin and posh man I fell in love with. I felt guilty but I almost recoiled when he tried to kiss me. David announced that the client was overseas and wanted to meet with him before closing the deal, so he would be leaving the following week and would be gone for at least a month. I tried to hide my tears behind a smile. Although I had grown accustomed to the empty spot in the bed, I assumed the negligence would end as soon as David was finished developing his product. It had hit me in this moment that it would be months, maybe years before he would be in a position to oversee his product from a distance and be a husband again. I would be alone for a very long time. I tried satisfying myself with porn during David’s absence, but it never did enough for me. Not my fingers nor any toys would ever emulate the excitement of a man playing with me and penetrating me. David was far from big, but just the way he would bite my neck and pull my hair while he was inside me would drive me over the edge. Thinking of David did nothing for me now. A week after David left my son, Michael, had his first soccer game of the season, and wanting to get out of the house I gladly drove him to the field. I never really understood the game but I loved watching Michael play. He loved the sport and he was surprisingly talented. I always encouraged David to come to the games but he always preferred to stay at home and work. It was a particularly bright day outside but in a rush to leave the house I had forgotten the sun umbrella and lawn chair I usually brought to the games. I began laying out a blanket when one of the other parents on the sidelines approached me. “Do you need a chair?” the man asked me politely “My daughter decided not to come today so I have an extra if you need it.” He was gorgeous. Part of his curly brown locks covered his tan face. His blue eyes complimented his shy but playful smile, the light breeze that swept the field pressed his tee against his well-defined body. I stammered for a moment before smiling and nodding. He introduced himself as Adam, a 35 year old single father with a son and daughter of his own. I had almost forgotten what it was like to interact with the other parents. I was so lost in my own frustration with David that even at games I would sit away from the others in order to not be bothered. But as Adam spoke I gradually forgot about the game and my surroundings. Adam was so handsome, and funny, and… What was I doing? If anyone was watching me at the time they would have clearly seen the blatant crush I had on this stranger. I felt sick and entranced all at the same time. Even through my frustration, I had never thought of cheating on David. He was loyal and was only doing what he needed to do to provide for us. But the way Adam’s eyes seemed to brighten when he smiled, the way the light hugged his well-defined arms, those were all that I could think of. I jumped as I was startled back to reality by the game-finishing whistle. Michael’s team had won and Adam offered to get pizza and throw a party for the entire team back at his house. I knew Michael was safe with the other parents who would be driving to Adam’s home so I ecstatically agreed to help him get the pizza. I felt like a teenager driving around with the most popular boy at school. We sang poorly to pop songs on the radio and yelled at slow drivers as we overtook them but I loved every minute of it. “So what’s your situation?” he asked me as we were driving back from the pizza place. “My situation?” “Yeah, you know, are you seeing anybody, you married, single?” I had to think for a moment before I dejectedly responded “I’m married”. I felt as if I didn’t know who David was anymore. I hadn’t spent any time with him in weeks, and I’ve had more fun with Adam in the last few hours then I have with David in a long time. Again reality had dampened the mood. Adam seemed a bit surprised at my response but didn’t think anything of it. There was silence in the car but my thoughts were deafening. I felt so uncomfortably guilty of even being in the car with Adam, but my body went warm and tingled as I thought of him. I thought of the feeling I had craved the last time I tried touching myself. My hand tightened around my knee. It was wrong, but I knew what I wanted. I looked straight at Adam as I ran my hand up his inner thigh and felt his cock harden underneath his shorts. The car almost swerved as he looked at my quizzically. I didn’t stop; I wanted him more than anything. Adam didn’t hesitate to pull over to the side of the road. The way he caressed my face as he kissed me told me he was feeling the same way I did. He removed the pizzas and pushed the seat backs toward the front. He climbed in the back and pulled me on top of him. He kissed me as his hands ran up my back and removed my bra. A tingling feeling rushed through me as I felt Adam touch my in places I hadn’t been touched in months. I made my way down his chiseled chest and incredible abs towards the thick rod pressing up from underneath his shorts. I was taken back when I pulled down his shorts. Adam’s thick cock sprung up and rubbed against my breasts. I gently caressed his balls as I started from the bottom of his shaft and swirled my tongue around every inch of his massive cock. I wrapped my hands around his throbbing shaft and greedily slid as much as I could inside my mouth. Adam pulled my hair back and forced me to look at him as I bobbed my head and sucked and slurped his meat. He pushed my head down on his cock further and held it there until I gagged. I came up for air but didn’t hesitate to return to him. David’s cock did not even come close to the thick rod I was sucking on. David’s cock barely got past my tongue and didn’t cause any problems for me. I could feel Adam’s tip at the back of my throat. I slurped faster and moaned as his cock stretched my mouth. Adam held my head in place and made me look right at him. He moaned as thick globs of his cum filled my throat and dripped down the sides of my mouth. I loved the warm feeling of his cum inside my mouth, and I licked every last bit of it off my chin. Both of us were still unsatisfied, and I had come too far to care about stopping. He pulled down my underwear and put me on my hands and knees. His large hands softly ran over my ass before he spanked me and started rubbing my moist pussy. “Slap me again.” I begged him. I loved feeling like his slut, and he happily obliged. I hadn’t been played with by a man in so long that even the slightest touch from Adam sent shivers down my body. Adam rubbed his tip down the length of my pussy. I almost screamed as he slid his meat inside me. His girth was like nothing I’ve felt before, but I loved the pain. I loved the feeling of Adam’s big cock pushing filling up my hole. He was going deeper than David ever went, pulling my hair and squeezing my ass as he made his way inside me. I gripped the seats as Adam pumped inside of me. I had never felt anything like his massive girth before; I screamed as his shaft stretched my pussy and pushed back against his force while he slapped my ass. All the guilt I felt before was replaced with overwhelming pl
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easure. I loved the feeling of being wanted, and clearly David didn’t want me anymore. I didn’t care anymore. Even when we were together David never gave me this much pleasure. Adam pulled my hair and rammed his cock inside me faster. My toes curled and I felt large waves of pleasure radiate down my body. My pussy tightened and I moaned loudly as squirted on Adam’s cock. I’ve never had such an amazing orgasm in my life. Adam continued his rhythm and rubbed my clit as he rammed inside of me. Orgasm after orgasm passed until my legs went numb and I felt as if I would pass out from pleasure. He pulled out of me and turned me around. I stared at his cock as he rubbed it furiously, waiting to get my reward. Adam’s head went back and hot streams of cum coated my face and breasts. I sat there letting him enjoy the view. I felt as if I was claimed by him which made it all the more exciting. When we arrived at his house I cleaned up my face and quickly hid any stains on my clothes. I waited until the guests were thoroughly distracted before I pulled Adam away for another fuck. I told him how my husband never fucked me anymore and that I wanted to make up for lost time, and Adam was more than happy to oblige. We exchanged numbers and Adam and I continued our affair. We met almost daily, in new places each time and trying new things. I’ve had sexual experiences with Adam that I’d only dreamed about, and the thrill of having another man fulfill my base desires never wore off. After David came home from his trip I was careful to make sure he never found out, but the sick excitement of it led us to be more and more daring. One night David had decided to try to fuck me, but his cock barely rubbed the sides of my pussy. Before Adam I would have felt sad and at least pretended I enjoyed it, but at this point I was just struggling to contain my laughter. All I could think about was how hours ago Adam had lifted me up, pushed me against the wall and pumped his shaft inside me while I screamed that he was the best I ever had. I felt so empowered that as soon as David had come and fallen asleep, I called Adam, snuck him through the backdoor, brought him to the basement, and rode his cock until he came inside my pussy. I felt I had the perfect arrangement. Every financial desire was met by David while Adam fulfilled my every sexual need. The constant orgasms made me feel energized and happy each morning. David even commented on how much he had seen my mood improve and that he knew starting his own company was better for our family. It was at this point of complete comfort, of feeling invincible, that Adam and I slipped up. David had found office space for his startup and began commuting there daily. I watched his schedule closely and alerted Adam when he left. After Michael left for school (my daughter, Jessica, was already in college), I let him into the house. We got a kick out of fucking in my bed but occasionally we liked fucking in the living room, the basement, or David’s home office. One day, I was pretending to sleep as David got ready for work, as usual. I heard the door shut so I eagerly called Adam and told him the coast was clear. Adam knocked on the back door and I let him in. I was always excited to see him in the morning. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him like I did with David when we were dating. Adam didn’t waste any time taking of my clothes and pulling down his shorts. I kissed him and stroked his cock until he was completely hard. I was already wet just thinking about him, so he lifted me up and slid his cock inside me. His large hands squeezed my ass and pulled me closer to him. My nails dug into his muscular shoulders and I pushed further down on his cock. Adam carried me to the basement. The basement consisted of the game room which in turn led to the home theater. Adam bent me over the pool table and told me to spread my ass apart. I loved it when he fucked me in the ass. It was painful yet extremely satisfying feeling his big rod split my ass apart. I also liked listening to him comment on how much he loved my ass. The time I spent away from David while he worked from home was spent in the home gym working on every part of my body, and I was glad someone took advantage of my hard work. Adam lubed up his cock and slid it inside my ass. I moaned louder and louder, gritting my teeth as his cock riveted my hole. We had done anal many times before but I still never got used to his girth. He fingered my pussy as he drilled my ass. The combination of his cock in my ass and his fingers rubbing my pussy drove me over the edge. Adam pulled out of my ass and switched to my pussy before he came. I had no problem with him cumming inside my pussy; I loved the feeling of his hot seed filling me up. Just as I felt him push all the way inside me and unload, our worst nightmare occurred. We both turned to see David walking out of the home theater with headphones on. The glass in his hand shattered on the hardwood floor and his jaw dropped. In that moment months of withheld remorse, or perhaps unknown remorse, flooded my senses. I pushed Adam off of me and ran towards David tearful and apologetic. David said nothing, but the look on his face was a mixture shock, anger, but somehow a hint of understanding, as if he had imagined this scenario but was hurt that it had actually occurred. He walked upstairs and began filling his suitcase while I pleaded with him not to leave. It was as if the guilt that I had repressed for so long was finally surfacing and I saw the truly horrible mistake I made. Regardless of how David made me feel sexually he was still the man I fell in love with and the man who did everything to keep us happy, and I had thrown it all away in the matter of an afternoon. Nothing I said deterred him. No matter how many times I threw his clothes to the floor, he calmly placed them back in his suitcase silently. The last thing he told me was “Don’t call me again.” I dropped to the floor. Silence filled the once vibrant home as the door shut behind him. The same morning light that once provided such comfort now mockingly rested on a single picture in the foyer. It was of us lying next to each other in the spring grass, with David tickling me as I tried to take a picture of us. His goofy smile was plastered next to a less than flattering expression of me laughing and begging him to stop. It was the same day he proposed to me, so many years ago yet the memory as fresh as yesterday. I felt the familiar emptiness from so many months ago, before Adam and before David left for his trip. Adam came upstairs and dressed before coming to check on me. He held me but I didn’t move from the spot, never averting my eyes from the picture on the wall, trying to relive the moment to know if I was happy. I didn’t want Michael or Jessica to know what happened yet. I didn’t know how to tell them. I didn’t want Adam to leave, so when Michael came home I told him Adam was a friend who would be staying with us for a while. Michael didn’t seem to care and just went about his normal routine. Adam called his daughter who was a bit older than Jessica and told her to take care of her brother for some time. We had sex again that night with his insistence, but I felt nothing. I didn’t feel the rush, the ecstasy, the pleasure or pain, none of the qualities that had enticed me to jeopardize my marriage by fucking him in my house. After he came I felt disgusting and used. I cleaned out his cum and went back to sit in the foyer. Months passed and David agreed on a plan to see Michael every other weekend. He had found a new place to live and said I could keep the house as it was “already contaminated.” Jessica came home from college and introduced us to her new boyfriend. She was so caught up in her own affairs that she didn’t seem fazed when I told her about me and her father. I never included the details of David’s shortcomings, but a mature woman like Jessica could probably understand what had probably driven some of my decisions. She once remarked that she found it amusing we had similar types. The nights I spent with Adam were dull. The allure that had surrounded our relationship had died, and the sex became nothing more than him lying on top of me until he came. I had come to terms with the fact that he was only there because I didn’t want to be alone. One night after we had sex and he fell asleep, I walked out of the bedroom to the foyer as usual. I figured Jessica and her boyfriend were sleeping so I didn’t care about putting any clothes on. I stopped by the bathroom in the hallway to wash my hands but as I opened the door Jessica’s boyfriend jumped up and covered his cock. “Shit, sorry. I’m not used to locking the door.” He said bashfully trying to hide the blood rushing to his cock. I knew that I was standing naked at the doorway but I didn’t cover myself up. For the first time in weeks, I felt sensation stir inside me. I wanted to feel again. “Don’t be.” I said as I walked in and locked the door behind me.

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