Sex With Sexy Bombs Who Like To Feel The Hardest Cock In Them

Sex With Sexy Bombs Who Like To Feel The Hardest Cock In Them

Kate and her four friends were coming back from a trip when their car broke down. They were in the middle of nowhere and their cell phones couldn’t pick up any signals to get any help. They were a little scared and decided to walk until one of their phones got a signal. It was getting a little dark but they saw a light from a distant house and none of them remembered one being there before.Kate checked her phone seeing that there was still no signal and decided that they should knock on the door hoping that they could get help. She felt uneasy about doing it since they were just five women and there was no telling who was behind that door. It wasn’t that she felt her sex was weak, but whoever was in the house may be armed. They could be stuck out here with no one that could help them if things turned ugly.Kate shook off her bad feeling and blamed herself for seeing too many scary movies. She pushed her friends closer to the house and declared that everything would be okay. The music that they started to hear coming from the house helped put her mind at ease. The type of music that was being played couldn’t be well liked by men and were favorites by women. Unless they stumbled on a party for gay men, this was a party for women from the sound of it and in any case, they should be safe no matter which.Straight men wouldn’t be playing Beyonce at a party - well some might, but not the type that she had feared to be behind that door. When they got to the house the next song was by Kathleen Hanna and Kate knew this must be a women’s party as she was labeled as being a feminazi. None of the men she knew liked her and she was one of Kate's favorite singers.Kate’s best friend Sarah stopped her before knocking on the door and wanted to peek into the window to see if it was safe before knocking. Kate thought that it might be wise and couldn’t hurt to be on the safe side but which one of them should look? Sarah was a redhead that you couldn’t help but notice and thought she could be easily spotted. Rose was a blonde and the princess type of a girl that she doubted could sneak behind anyone’s notice. Lucy was a brunette like herself and had a desire to be a model one day. Angel was a Chinese girl with long black hair that was really petite and Kate thought that she was really pretty.Sending Angel to look and they all watched as her mouth dropped. What she saw shocked her and her reaction made the girls worry. Running back to her friends to let them know all that she saw. They had stumbled into a lesbian party and Angel saw something that she would never forget.“I think we just came to a house full of lesbians and I just saw some of them making out,” Angel said a little stunned.The girls made faces that showed that what they were told was gross to them and made gagging sounds. Angel held back on the detail of what she saw and wasn’t upset over it like she was acting now. She saw a woman that looked just like her pressed against a wall with a girl kissing her neck and with her hand down her pants.The girl somehow had the same clothes on as she did now and was moaning from lust. It was just like she was watching herself being fingered by another girl and the odd thing was that she kinda liked it. She never had any interest in women before and this was making her have some strange feelings now. There were other girls there in the room too having sex and her eyes must have been playing tricks on her because each one of them looked just like her friends.“I am not going in there with a bunch of lesbos,” Rose said with disgust.“We got no choice, remember they are women and not men. They will be respectful of us and won’t act like pigs. Tell them that you are straight and they will leave you alone,” Kate told them, in all faith that she was right.All of a sudden it started raining and came down hard. The girls no longer cared about the lesbians in that house and rushed to the door to get somewhere dry. Kate knocked three times and a beautiful woman opened the door licking her fingers while smiling. Angel recognized her from the window when she was making out with her double. The women looked at Angel and smiled.Angel noticed her eyes had lowered to her breasts and raised them up again with lust. Angel was braless and was wearing a thin white shirt. The rain had made it see through and her breasts were clearly visible.Angel knew that she should cover up but deep down she desired to be had like her doppelganger and wanted this woman to want her. She started to imagine the woman unbuckling her pants, sliding her hand in and kissing her as she orgasm through her fingers. She tried to shake loose of those thoughts and reminded herself that she was straight but a hint of desire still remains.“What do we have here? Five wet girls. Come on in out of the rain and if you had come earlier we could have shared a meal together. I just had Chinese and the best things about Chinese is once you have some, you will be hungry for more,” The woman said with sexual undertone while looking at Angel before letting them in.Angel was the only one that picked up on it and knew she was referring to her. She was being hit on by a lesbian and found it exciting. Her heart started beating fast after seeing her reflection in a mirror on the wall. Her shirt was mostly transparent and could see her breasts in great detail.Angel’s shirt clung tightly to her small breasts and her hard dark nipples were poking out. She could not lie to herself that it was all from the cold rain as she knew better. She was turned on by the scene she saw through the window and at her breasts being exposed now.The girls were glad to be out of the rain and a little weirded out for being in a house full of lesbians. There were four more women in the room as they entered and without anyone saying a word, each one of them took a girl by their hand to lead them out of the room. Angel was left alone with the woman that let them in. She couldn’t believe her friends went so easily with those women and that she had a scary exciting feeling running through her now.Angel was scared of what she was feeling and what she would let this woman do to her now that they were alone. She was afraid because if this woman tried anything she would be powerless to resist her advances. Her body was prickling with sexual excitement and was desiring to be touched by her.Angel felt a pounding in her chest watching the woman walking almost in slow motion toward her and wondering if she was coming over for a kiss. Not really wondering but more hoping that she would kiss her. She couldn’t believe that a woman was having this effect on her and how wet that she was making her.She was soaked from the rain but her panties were wet from her own juices. She closed her eyes to prepare herself for a kiss and could almost feel the heat coming off her body but nothing happened.“Are you okay, sweetie? You look awfully cold from being all wet. My name is Belinda and I got something that will warm you right up. Follow me, and I will get you out of those wet clothes and into something much warmer,” Belinda said sincerely but seductively.“I am Angel...” Was all she got out before Belinda grabbed her hand and guided her out of the room.Angel felt a pleasurable sensation running up her arm by Belinda's touch and was hoping that she was leading her to a bed. She was surprised at how she was acting and how easy she was becoming seduced. She would never let a guy go all the way on the first date and it would take a few dates before she would let that happen.Belinda wasn’t like any other woman she ever knew before and she was a goddess. A ten all around and Angel never saw a woman with a body just like hers before. Long beautiful brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, lustful perky breasts, and a fat but well-toned ass. She couldn’t be over thirty but Angel had a strange feeling that she was much older. Angel herself was only twenty and the youngest of her friends.Angel felt a little disappointed when she wasn’t led to a bedroom but outside to a sauna. The room was empty besides a table in the corner and an oak shelf full of towels by the wooden door leading into the sauna. Angel was in disbelief at how big this house was as it looked smaller from the outside. The walk to get to this area of the house took them a few minutes moving in and out of other rooms. They had walked past a few women ranging in age, race, and body type. They all gave her a warm smile and glanced at her breasts. The shirt should have been a little dry by now but still felt just as wet as when she first came out of the rain.“Take this towel and undress, my dear. The sauna will keep you warm until I arrive with some dryer clothes,” Belinda said while pulling out a towel from the top shelf.Angel was lost in her desire and didn’t know what she was doing until she pulled her shirt off in front of Belinda before proceeding to undress further. She was trying to be seductive and give Belinda a clear signal that she was willing. She took her time undressing and wanted Belinda to admire her body.“Belinda, why don’t you just put my clothes aside for now and join me? I would hate to be all alone with just this towel on,” Angel said, slowly wrapping the towel around her.“I can’t right now, as I have other guests to look after but I promise to be back before you know it,” Belinda said with an endearing smile.Angel felt foolish that she had thrown herself at a lesbian and was rejected. She had just exposed herself to a girl and that was something she would never have done with a guy. Belinda didn’t show any signs that she liked what she saw and made no effort to look at her nude body. Feeling stupid for letting herself go like that she entered the sauna, embarrassed by her fo
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olish actions.Belinda could see that it would take no great effort to sleep with this girl and she couldn’t have that. She liked a challenge and the more a girl struggled with her sexuality the better. Belinda was not just a lesbian but also a witch. She had created this house and all within it with powerful sex magic.The house would appear in random places, allowing only women to enter and to be seduced by her. The energy that came from their orgasms was collected by the house to keep it powered up and Belinda young. Belinda was the only real woman here beside her new guests and the rest she had created by powerful magic to help her in seducing straight girls.She wanted to play with Angel some more and push her to the edge before having her sexually. She was giving her time to think about it and to come down from her desire before making a move.Angel stayed in the sauna for a few minutes thinking that she must have overreacted with Belinda and expected her to want her because she was a lesbian. She put aside her sexual desires and let them die down before stepping out of the sauna. She only had a towel on and a small one in that. It barely covered her private parts and she didn’t mind if anybody here saw her.She never minded being naked around women before and with no men around, this made it easier for her to relax. She sat down at a table and waited for Belinda to return with her clothes.Half an hour later, Belinda returned with some girls and a bottle of wine with some glasses but no clothes. Angel started to feel weird that she was the only not dressed and held onto her towel tightly. The three girls that she brought were blondes and around nineteen-years-old with bubbly personalities.“Sorry, but your clothes were not dry yet and I thought I would bring you something to drink. These lovely girls are Cindy, Amy, and Becky. They are fun to have around and you are going to love them,” Belinda said cheerfully.They all sat around the table with Belinda next to Angel and true to her words the girls were fun. They were high spirited and at times funny. They drank most of the wine and were having a good time. In all the fun Angel forgot that she was only wearing a towel and was feeling relaxed until Belinda put her hand on her knee. Her hand was still at first and then she started massaging it gently with light caresses. An electrifying thrill ran through Angel and her heart started pounding hard against her chest. Belinda was having a conversation with a girl beside her as she was playing with Angel's knee and felt her body freeze. Angel couldn’t hear what they were talking about and could only focus on her knee. When Belinda hand slowly moved up her leg and felt the whole world stop.Her body became very sensitive, feeling everything that was touching her and blocking everything else out that wasn’t. The further her hand went up, the more that Angel's legs opened until it got to the edge of Angel’s towel. Belinda moved her hand away and Angel felt like she would die. She wanted her to keep going and didn’t know how to handle her sexual frustration.Angel felt stunned and everything was in slow motion to her. She could see that their mouths were moving but she couldn’t hear a word that was being said. Belinda's hand returned to her leg but this time on the towel. She watched as her hand moved to the slit that was on her towel and disappeared within it.Belinda started playing with her pubic hair between her fingers and slowly sliding them down. Angel's heart was beating faster than it ever had before and she bit her bottom lip when she felt a finger entering her pussy. She fought back a moan, not wanting everyone to know just what Belinda was doing to her.First, there were only one then two and finally, three fingers were now in her. She was really wet and wouldn’t have any problem taking another finger in her. She couldn’t hide it much longer and let out a loud moan.The girls never showed any signs that they had noticed what was obviously happening in front of them, even when Angel’s towel came undone and fell off. Angel spread her legs as wide as they could go, not caring that she was naked and moaning like crazy. She felt her orgasm building and right before it hit, she woke up.Angel looked around the room, noticing that she was still wearing her towel and realized that she must have dozed off after having a glass of wine. Belinda was talking with Cindy and Amy but Becky couldn’t be seen anywhere. Angel felt her legs being pushed apart and looked down to see Becky between her legs. Becky pulled on her towel until it came undone and leaving her naked.She felt excitement running through her as Becky started kissing her inner thigh and pushing her legs wider apart. Looking up, she saw Cindy and Amy making out while feeling tender kisses moving up her thigh. Becky lovely lips were moving ever so close to her pussy and it was sending her over the edge.Belinda grabbed one of her breasts and started playing with her nipple as she was kissing her neck. Angel was so turned on that she almost came when she felt Becky’s tongue starting licking her pussy and sucking out some of her juices. Moaning louder with each second that went by and watching Amy opening Cindy’s shirt. She felt a powerful orgasm rising and right before it hit she woke up again.Angel never had a dream like this before and started to doubt if she was even awake now. Feeling her towel snug every so tightly around her body and the heat that was coming off of it. She was beyond the point of being turned on and felt her pussy was soaking wet. Her nipples were rock hard and were aching to be touched.She couldn’t think clearly and only had one thought was in her head. It wasn’t really a thought and it was more a need. She needed to be fuck and never realized that the other two times weren’t really a dream. She was being pushed to point of cumming and had been denied twice. Belinda's magic made her believe it was a dream and part of her still thought that she was dreaming.Angel felt herself losing control and her lust taking over. Feeling the need to orgasm, she let her desire take full control over her. She stood up and let her towel fall to the floor before sitting on Belinda's lap facing her.She gave her a heated kiss and grabbed both of her breasts squeezing them before sliding her hands down to the hem of Belinda’s shirt to pull it over her head. Belinda was wearing a red lace bra underneath and it was completely see-through. Angel tried to undo the bra and was too lost in a lustful kiss to be successful.Belinda returned her kisses with passion and force. She mentally told the three blonde girls to clear off the table before picking up Angel and laying her on it. Cindy held onto her arms as she kissed Angel from an upside down position as the other two girls were sucking on her nipples. Belinda undressed as she watched the show and knowing it was time to finally take this girl.Angel felt her arms being held down over her head and was being kissed like she has never been kissed before. It was almost like that Spider-man kiss scene but no one was hanging upside down and she was lying on her back. Her breasts were being sucked upon by such skills that no man could ever achieve that level of expertise and when Belinda's mouth was on her pussy she nearly lost her mind.She had had plenty of dicks in her and none could match this woman's tongue. Angel pushed Cindy away and screamed from the pleasure that she was feeling. The orgasms came hard and so fast that she lost count at how many that she just had. She felt everyone was now pulling away from her but the sensation of their touch still lingered on her skin.“Open your eyes, Angel and look at me. I can see that you enjoyed what only another girl can give you and it is time for you to give something back. Come and kiss me, my dear,” Belinda said with heated passion.Angel opened her eyes seeing Belinda's naked beautiful body and felt a need to ravish it. Sliding off the table with a newfound energy, she pushed Belinda against the wall, kissing her. They stood there kissing for a few minutes before Belinda became more aggressive and pushed her to the floor.Angel was too engrossed in their lovemaking to noticed that the three blonde girls were undressing and almost forgot about them until she felt their touches on her body. Ignoring them, she moved her kisses to each of Belinda’s breasts and sucked on her nipples. Moving her mouth down to Belinda’s pussy, its aroma was bewitching her to kiss it. She first kissed then licked it and then inserted her tongue into it. The taste of her pussy was like a sweet exotic honey and she wanted more of it.Angel ate Belinda’s pussy with a hunger that she never had before and felt right at home. She felt herself being touched all over while enjoying her first taste of pussy and being fingered by one of the girls. She brought Belinda to an orgasm and soon afterward she had one of her own.Angel switched around and started pleasing one of the other girls. They went on like this for a while until Angel had a taste of everyone and couldn’t move anymore from sexual exhaustion.Belinda smiled and knew that she just turned another girl lesbian. She loved doing that and had to admit that Angel, for being only a beginner was very good at pleasing another woman. The girl was a natural lesbian lover and had just discovered that she had skills in eating pussy.Some women were ok at first and they end up learning as they found their way, but not Angel. She was so good that Belinda was planning on another round with her after they had some time to rest. In her room, she had some toys that she wanted to try on Angel. While she was having her fun, her creations would have the other girls turned in no time.

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