The brunette runs her free mouth and lets go of her breasts

The brunette runs her free mouth and lets go of her breasts

The house felt cold and silent. David sat at the kitchen table, staring blankly into his empty coffee cup. He’d spend much of last night and today trying to solve this impossible dilemma. He was being blackmailed by a man he’d never met. A man that had filmed an intimate evening with his wife and was now using the evidence against them. In normal circumstances he’d have gone to the police. But the fear of a media exposé, and the obvious public humiliation that would follow, had brought him to this place. If it was just a simple financial transaction he could almost live with it.He was a wealthy man. His career as a skilled heart surgeon had bought its significant rewards. Money was not the issue. It was the little addition to the terms that was proving exhausting. His wife was to deliver the money and then spend the evening with him. David wasn’t a stupid or naive man; he knew exactly what that meant, and it was destroying him. Yet again he weighed up his options. On one hand he was to be humiliated and cuckolded by a man he had never met. And on the other, his reputation would be torn to shreds by a very public scandal.He poured himself another coffee and stared out of the window at the bare, brittle branches of the trees creaking in the bitter winter wind. He had frustratingly reached exactly the same decision point he had arrived at a dozen times before. He looked at his watch and unfortunately time, as well as options, were running out. His phone buzzed on the kitchen table. It was a text message. Puzzled as he didn’t recognise the number he paused before eventually opening it.“I hope you’re looking forward to tonight as much as I am? I have quite an evening planned. After careful consideration I’ve decided to invite you along to watch. You could have a ring side seat to your wife’s defilement.” David’s hands shook as he picked the phone up. The bastard was taunting him. He was caught in trap and completely at Simon’s mercy.In the master bedroom Kate felt sick and the knot in her stomach ached. After thinking long and hard, she had decided to comply with Simon’s wishes and sat in front of the mirrored dresser wearing a black and red corset, matching stockings and suspenders, and black French knickers. An earlier text from Simon had given her instruction not to wear anything else. He was pushing her, she realised that, but the truth was he scared her. The charming young man she’d met last summer had turned into this manipulative monster. A monster who had an influence over her that she couldn’t explain.Yesterday, she’d willingly opened her legs for him in a public bar. Even with the knowledge that they were being observed hadn’t stopped her wanting to please him. Taking a sip from her third gin and tonic of the evening, she realised that what had started out as Dutch courage was not having the desired effect. She was also acutely aware of the strain it was having on David. She had awoken in the middle of the night to find him missing from their bed.On investigation, she found him watching the crude DVD that Simon had sent. The large television screen was filled with the vision of her and Simon. She stood unseen in the doorway and watched, amazed that see hadn't noticed Simon holding his phone as he fucked her. It was pointed straight down, her face clearly visible with her huge breasts bouncing under her chin. But her face showed that she was totally lost in the moment. She remembered the feeling, that wonderful feeling of being filled so completely it felt like they were one.“It’s nearly time to go.” David leaned back on the bedroom wall, a broken man, resigned to his fate. Looking over at his wife and the way she had dressed for him, he knew the next few hours were going to be hell. Kate’s phone buzzed, and she studied the message with a puzzled expression.“Has he messaged you?” she questioned.“Yes, why?” Kate turned to face him. The way the corset pushed her large 38DD breasts together made him swallow hard as he ogled them.“He’s asking for a reply. What was the question?” He took his phone out of his pocket and showed her his text. The way Simon was goading him strangely excited her. She desperately wanted her husband to fight, but David’s slumped shoulders and beaten demeanour only confirmed to her who was the dominant man.“What shall I tell him?”“For fuck's sake Kate,” he snapped, “do you really think I want to be present while he fucks you? Do you want me to be there listening to you begging for his cock? All the time having my own inadequacies thrown in my face. No Kate. Unbelievable as it may sound. No, I don’t want to be there.” Fighting to keep his self-control he turned and walked away.“The taxi will be here soon,” he said as he left the room. Kate stood in front of the full-length mirror. She looked every inch the whore, and she was a little ashamed of herself that she’d presented that picture to David. He didn’t deserve this. After all, the precarious position they were in was all down to her moment of weakness. Meeting him in the hall, they embraced.“I’m sorry, it’s just, I can’t bear this, the thought of it.” He was shaking and the worry of the last few days had clearly aged him, “you will be careful, won’t you? You won’t let him do anything, you know, too extreme.”The sound of the taxi’s engine outside signalled that time was up. He handed her an old handbag, inside the money was wrapped in a paper bag. Through force of habit she checked herself one last time in the hallway mirror. Her knee-length faux fur coat covered her underwear, but she had kept that detail from David, feeling it would be twisting the knife for him to know exactly how his wife was going to present herself. He watched her walk to the taxi hoping that, even at the eleventh hour, a solution could be found. Honour, he thought, as the taxi pulled away. Is it really worth it?Simon grinned as the doorbell rang. Standing outside was Emily. He had first met the pretty brunette in the summer. She had fallen under his spell when their paths had crossed for a second time in a coffee house. Having become infatuated with him, she had been visiting his flat on a regular basis ever since for ‘her fix’ as Simon described it. Her addiction for Simon's cock had become so acute that both her home and work life had suffered.On many occasions he would send her a message, normally a picture, and she’d drop everything. Making excuses to her husband became more and more frequent, as she spent hours with Simon behind his back. Her secret was embarrassingly revealed when, like David, her husband Peter received a DVD. He was outraged when he discovered that his normally professional wife was living a double life. One which included a sexual appetite so removed from the woman he knew, that he hardly recognised her.When Simon’s blackmail demands also arrived, Emily had sent her brothers to visit him. Their intent was to warn him off, but apart from giving him a black eye and a bloody nose, they had wasted their time, and in fact had only made matters worse. Simon buzzed her in and she nervously entered the flat to find Simon, along with a group of men. As the door closed behind her, she immediately knew she was in trouble.The taxi pulled up on Broad Street and it was with a degree of trepidation that Kate nervously stepped out and began the short walk to the old Victorian house. She paused for a second in front of its imposing black door before pressing the button for flat two. As she waited, she was suddenly aware of both her surroundings and how she must have looked to a passer-by and was relieved to hear the creaking of the stairs inside.Simon opened the door bare-chested, wearing only a pair of dark grey sweat pants. Kate’s eyes wandered over his impressive muscular torso, his broad shoulders and immaculately taut six-pack. Lowering her gaze, she was also rewarded with the prominent outline of Simon’s cock through the fleecy material.“Hello Kate, after you.” Standing to one side, he held his arm out to welcome her in. Handing him the handbag, she started her ascent. Simon followed behind taking the opportunity to peek up her coat, hoping she had followed his orders and licking his lips at the prospect. Kate could hear a buzzing sound, a little like a dentist drill but lower in octave. The dim room’s curtains were closed as she tentatively edged herself in.The musky scent of youth reminded her of the only other time she had been here. It seemed a lifetime ago but still the room felt familiar. A full-size pool table dominated the centre of the room and leaning against it was the handsome young barman from the previous night.“Let me introduce you to Michael. He’s taken quite a shine to you, haven’t you Mike?” The boy, being too shy to answer only nodded in agreement. Kate studied his blushing chiselled features as he avoided eye contact. Simon put his hands on her shoulders.“Let me take your coat,” he said, relishing the situation. Knowing full well that if she’d followed his instructions, she’d be declaring herself as their whore for the evening. Kate was also more than aware of her predicament, and that she had totally misjudged the situation. Her attire was for Simon’s eyes only; the scenario of there being someone else present hadn’t occurred to her. The buzzing continued to her left, behind a door which she recalled as being Simon’s bedroom. She could also hear the muffled sound of a woman sobbing, immediately alarming her. What was going on behind that door?“I want you to delete the film,” she said, trying to take some control of a situation that she knew was hopelessly out of her grasp. Simon smirked as he fetched his laptop and placed it on the pool table. Opening a bookmark, Kate was astounded to see the number of films it contained. There must have been over thirty files. Simon noticed her scanning the screen and opened hers.“This one?” Kate couldn’t hide her embarrassment. The screen showed a picture of Kate as if she was on the cover of a porn DVD. Her legs were being held open by Simons muscular arms.“Are you blackmailing all these women?” she asked, appalled at the number of his conquests.“No, not all of them, only the ones with money and a reputation to protect.” She’d been set up all along. She felt such a fool.“Please, will you delete it?” and with one click the file disappeared from the screen. “Has it gone?” she asked with a degree of doubt.“All done. Now, take your coat off Kate,” Simon’s strong voice ordered. She fixed her eyes on Michael’s innocent, disbelieving face, as with shaking hands the top button slowly came undone. Michael's eyes were focused intently, as with every button a little more of her was slowly revealed. First her breasts, showing him that the corset had pushed her large breasts together, creating a most fabulous cleavage. Until finally her stockings, revealing the erotic contrast of white skin between the black stocking tops and her matching French knickers.The coat eventually left her shoulders, landing dramatically in a pool at her feet. Simon walked behind her, and she felt his hands move up her waist to her wired bra, tracing a line around her covered nipples and up over her smooth bosom. The bedroom door suddenly opened, and two men stepped out, a menacing thickset white man, wearing a white vest and blue sweat pants, who she noticed was almost totally covered in tattoos and piercings. The other man was tall and black, muscular like Simon, in fact they could have been brothers. She searched behind them for the woman, and through the doorway she saw a young brunette with her back turned to them, her head in her hands.“So, it’s Lady Kate now?” Simon said, grabbing her arse, “I wonder what the Queen would say if she knew? As you curtesy before her at Buckingham Palace, a member of the aristocracy about to be fucked like a common whore.” Kate’s head was reeling. She looked at the faces in the room all looking back at her, as she slowly started to comprehend her fate. She could feel her legs tremble as he continued to play to the gallery. “And also, Lady Kate, how would the establishment react to knowing how you pick up young men in bars and open your legs so willingly?”“It wasn’t like that Simon, you know that,” she pleaded, but his words only confirmed what a fool she had been. She now realised that this was her trial. Simon was the judge, the gathering in the room her jury, but what consumed her most was, what would be her punishment. Simon picked up small jar and rubbed his fingers around its waxy contents. Moving behind her, his hand snaked down her belly into her French knickers, feeling her smooth shaved pussy. He rubbed the gel around her clitoris, and its magic started to work almost instantaneously as she felt first a warm tingle spread along her nerves, sending signals to her brain. Simon felt the heat and then then wet evidence that despite the environment, this was turning her on.“So how was it?” he teased, “Did I drag you back here kicking and screaming? Kate, you couldn’t get your knickers off quickly enough.” Kate closed her eyes feeling the wonderfully warm sensation overwhelm her, “I must say you’ve certainly dressed the part for us tonight. I like it, look at those tits. Wooo! Fanfuckingtastic.” Her legs buckled as he rubbed her swollen clitoris. “Do you want me to stop?” Simon knew the answer but loved the game. Kate opened her legs for him, desperately trying to steady herself.“Do you want me to stop?” he asked again.“No, don’t stop. Don’t stop,” she panted. If this was her penance, she prayed it would be over soon. Her breathing was getting heavy and the crowded room watched as Kate’s legs started to shake uncontrollably. At that precise moment Simon withdrew his hand. Leaving her lightheaded and frustrated, aching for release and blinking around the room at the staring faces. One of the men had his thick black cock on display. She stared in wonderment as he rubbed it slowly, grinning at her in the knowledge that she was watching.“Emily, show me.” Kate’s eyes followed his gaze across the room. In a darkened corner stood the beautiful brunette, her face hidden in shadow. She walked sheepishly, head bowed to the centre of the room, with all eyes concentrated on her. Wearing only a peach coloured push up bra with matching thong, she stood barefoot before them.The two women looked at each other, speechless, and with eyes wide, Kate watched as Simon walked towards her and spanked her arse hard, making her yelp. Kate gasped dumbfounded. The woman before her she knew well.“Show me, Emily,” Simon insisted, and reluctantly she hooked her thumbs in the band of her thong, inching them slowly down. Below her bellybutton about an inch above her pussy, she revealed a tattoo of the queen of spades.Dr Emily Wallace looked at Kate defeated. Nothing was said; there didn’t need to be. They’d both been drawn in to this man’s world, one so very different from theirs.“Do you like it?” he teased, “Now every time your husband goes down on you, he’ll be reminded of where you’d rather be. And for that matter so will you; don’t deny it.” Kate took a second to look around the room. With the curtains drawn and the lighting proving mainly superficial. She saw a large man sitting by the unlit fireplace, the candles behind him hid his face in shadow.“So, Emily,” Simon continued, his hand stroking her bare behind, “Whose stupid idea was it to send those thugs here to try and frighten me? I don’t scare easily, and your brothers didn’t come close. You do know that I’m going to have to punish you?” Simon relished in the theatre of the moment and Emily’s helpless predicament. Like Kate she thought it would be a just be a matter of dropping the money off and spending an hour being pleasured by Simon. He, it appeared, had other ideas.Emily was visibly shaking when Simon walked behind her, his hands on her shoulders, and bent her over the pool table in the centre of the room, facing Kate. Simon had inherited an old school cane from a previous resident and the sound it made as it whistled through the air drew both Emily and Kate’s attention. With Emily’s raised bottom on full display, he stroked it, feeling the smooth skin, it really was a thing of beauty.“How many times did you visit me here?” he began, but Emily said nothing. As the cane struck her skin, her back arched making Kate wince at its ferocity.“How many times?”“I don’t know.” She finally spoke. The second strike was thankfully less severe.“Twenty-one times, Emily. Twenty-one times you cuckolded your poor husband by coming here. Is my cock so much better than his?” Emily’s silence again received a punishment from the cane.“Yes, it is, you know it is,” she cried.“How is it better?”“Simon,” she begged.“How?”“It’s bigger,” and was rewarded with another strike.“And when was the first time you held it in your mouth?” She looked up at Kate, tears falling from her eyes. She knew that this admission would not only shame her but reveal the reason why she too was being blackmailed.“In my room at the surgery.”“Exactly when?” he pursued.“The first time you came to us. It was an introductory check-up. You took your trousers off and there it was. You joked about making it even bigger.” She paused as tears of indignity poured from her eyes and she finally lost control of her emotions, “I don’t know why I did it Kate, I’d never done anything like this before, please believe me.” She closed her eyes as the cane came down again.Kate stared at her colleague feeling a mixture of pity and jealousy. She remembered the first time she’d received the strap. She was sixteen, near the end of the school year at the all-girl catholic boarding school she attended. One of the nuns had caught her in the changing room with the caretaker’s son. When they’d been discovered her blouse was undone and the boy was sucking on her large breasts. She had been dragged to the headmaster’s office still in a state of undress, where she was told of the only suitable punishment.The word spread around the school like wildfire, and soon the traditional gathering of pupils on the green outside the he
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admaster’s office window grew. Her embarrassment increased when the headmaster bent her over his desk and pulled her knickers down. Etched into her memory was the grinning faces outside enjoying the spectacle, and the feeling of the cold red leather embossed desk on her exposed breasts. But the memory that endures most was the feeling that after the first strike, yes, there was pain but also an inexplicable pleasure in her loins. As the second strike came down she was moaning, by the sixth and final blow, her orgasm arrived. She gripped the desk with white knuckles as in front of all present her body spasmed out of control.The cane swooshed though the air again, regaining Kate’s attention as it landed on Emily’s already marked bottom.“Where did I cum?” The cruel interrogation continued and although Kate could see that Simon was enjoying himself, this was too much, Emily didn’t deserve this.“In my mouth,” her bottom lip quivered,” you came in my mouth.”“I’m sure the medical board would take a dim view on patient-doctor relationships. And the fact you seek sexual favours at the surgery convinces me you’d be struck off.” The cane swiped down again, the pink stripes on her bottom confirming her punishment.There was one final thwack of the cane on her arse then he leaned in and whispered in her ear. “You’ll remember tonight for the rest of your life.” Emily was broken. She hadn’t moved, and her head still lay on the green baize where she’d received her punishment. The tattooed man stood behind her. As he removed his shorts the piercings that ran along his large inflamed cock were displayed.Small pellet-like balls ran the length of his penis, from the purple head to his pubic area. Pushing Emily’s legs apart he teased his cock up and down her opening before entering. Emily felt every notch as he slowly worked it inside her. Simon stood behind Kate, kissing her neck, the fire between her legs remained, and she ached for relief.“I don’t think I’d have the balls to do that,” he said, as he explained the piercings, “Andy told me that there’re nine piercings an inch apart. Apparently, the sensation for the woman is mind blowing.” They watched as Andy withdrew slightly before again slowly re-entering, causing Emily to lift her head up and groan.“Well one thing’s for certain,” Andy announced, “she certainly loves to be spanked. My god, she’s dripping.” Emily looked with her eyes half closed towards Kate, giving her a contented look of both pleasure and submission. Andy's pace increased, having its desired effect as she started to moan and push back.“Andy has quite extreme sexual tastes,” Simon murmured in Kate’s ear, “and what you may not be aware of, is so does Emily.” Kate turned her head to kiss him, the desire inside her was euphoric, and he knew that soon it would be so great that she’d beg him for release. Andy turned Emily on to her back and laid her on the pool table. Opening her legs wide, his disfigured cock inched its way into her. Every piercing stimulating her already sensitive clitoris, dragging it as his pace increased.“And what for you Kate?” Simon asked, his finger running along her wet slit. She opened her legs voluntarily, the burning between unforgiving.“Have you ever fucked two men at the same time?” Kate felt her corset loosen as the clips behind came undone. A second pair of hands belonging to Simon’s friend Joseph, kneaded her breasts and tweaking her erect nipples.“Never Simon. I can’t. I just couldn’t.” She groaned as the fire between her legs finally became unbearable. Joseph kissed her neck, working his way up to her ear, gradually breaking down her defences.At the lodge, David wandered from room to room. He couldn’t concentrate and kept checking the slow-moving time every few minutes. The tv was turned on in the lounge as was the radio in the kitchen. Neither could remove from his exhausted mind, the images of Kate writhing in ecstasy as Simon fucked her. He blamed himself. If he’d been the man that Kate obviously craved. If he could only satisfy her sexually, she wouldn’t have been tempted away and he wouldn’t be where he was now. His mobile phone rang and, believing it to be Kate, he checked the time again. Was it all over? Was there a problem? Was she hurt? With shaking hands, he answered his phone without looking at the number.“Kate?” There was someone there, but he couldn’t make out what was being said. Then he heard her. She was moaning, a long low-pitched whimper, then an unfamiliar voice.“Do you like that Kate?” the disembodied voice mocked.“Mmmmm yes, yes it feels good.” David pressed his ear closer to the phone. His palms sweating.“Tell me what you want, Kate.”“Mmmm, Simon, mmmm, fuck me.” David held his breath, not wanting to miss anything.“How do you want me to fuck you?”“Oh my god Simon, keep doing it there, mmmm just there.”“Where Kate? Where’s my cock?” He urged her on, secretly to tell her husband.“In my pussy.” David’s pulse raced as he stared into the middle distance, he was fucking her. He was listening to her being fucked.“Where?”“My cunt!” she screamed, “Simon, fuck my cunt! Then suddenly the phone went dead. David looked at the blank black screen, desperate to call back, to find out what was happening but at the same time terrified.His phone buzzed and this time it was Kate’s mobile and the screen read. Kate FaceTime. Accepting it, he saw a handsome muscular black man sitting back on the sofa, his strong arms supporting Kate as she sat astride him, her legs wide as her head lay back on his chest. Her arms above her head reaching behind Simon’s neck, her large breasts bouncing free with every thrust from his huge cock. Joseph held Kate’s phone sending David the sadistic memento.“Do you want me to stop?” “No! Don't stop, please don’t stop,” she pulled him to her and kissed his lips, oblivious to Joseph and her phone, “Don’t ever stop. Fuck me with your big cock.”“What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever fucked Kate?” It was a leading question, mainly for David’s benefit and he grinned like the devil as she answered.“Yours.”“Bigger than your husband's?” he said, the question being asked directly into her phone, at David.“Mmmm yes,” she moaned, “much bigger.”“Does he satisfy you like me?”“Mmmm no, not like you,” David’s knotted stomach hurt. What had he done to deserve this? Letting his wife go to a rival was one thing, but watching them humiliate him was quite another.“Have you ever fucked two men at the same time?” For the second time he asked her, and again she shook her head no.“Do you want to please me?” The question shook David as did his wife’s nodded answer. The pause was interminable.“I want you to do it.”“What?” Kate raised her head and looked up longingly at Simon.“Fuck my arse, do it, I want to feel both of you inside me.” The screen faded to black and this time it would not return. David was going out of his mind wondering what she was being subjected to. All kinds of tortuous scenes played with his imagination as he unzipped and pulled out his semi hard penis. He felt completely confused. How could he feel aroused? His wife was only a few miles away in a room with two incredibly well-hung stallions.He should be driving there now and fighting for her honour, that’s what a real man would do surely? Instead he feared the consequences if he did. Humiliation, loss of status and their reputation in tatters all lay ahead if Kate didn’t comply and agree to their demands. In his head the vision of his wife, her legs spread wide moaning in ecstasy as she sacrificed herself filled his thoughts as he came. The guilt was overpowering as his semen ran down his penis onto his hand.It’s amazing how slowly time can move. There were moments when David actually believed the clock had stopped. By midnight, David gave up waiting and went to bed. Eventually he dozed, with the memory of Kate succumbing to Simon’s demands running though his head. Four times he woke and checked the bedroom window expecting to see the taxi that had arrived in his dreams. When he finally fell into a fitful sleep, his phone woke him abruptly at nine o’clock in the morning. Kate was home and lying next to him, asleep.For a beautiful second, he thought the whole thing had been a nightmare. But his wake-up call had been from Simon asking confusingly if Kate liked her new present. Looking over at her, she was sound asleep, and the smell of lavender told him she’d showered before retiring to bed. Rather than wake her, he made his way downstairs to make coffee. He sat at the kitchen table, listening to the news when Kate walked in wearing her black, silk dressing gown. She looked tired and no words were said as she gingerly walked past him and poured herself a coffee.“Are you okay?” he said, his anxiety etched on his face.“Yes,” she smiled, “Yes I’m fine.”“Do you want to talk about it?” A hundred questions buzzed around his brain.“Do think that’s wise? It’s over David, we can forget him and move on.” But even as the words left her mouth she knew he needed closure. He kept looking over at her, the question continually arriving at his lips only to be pushed back. He wanted the truth from her and if she lied, then he would never know if he could ever trust her again.“Was it just him?” The words tumbled out. She took in the question and thought back. There had been five men. Simon, Joseph, Andy and Michael. Then there was the fat man, the stranger in the shadows, the bar owner.“Kate?”How could she tell him? How could she tell him that the burning pain she felt as Joseph’s cock broke through her tight sphincter, hadn’t stopped her wanting more. That once she’d relaxed and the lube on his cock had eased him in, she’d given her anal virginity to someone else.The one thing David always wanted from her, but she had always refused. She’d given it to another. How could she tell him that as Simon teased her pussy with his huge cock, she’d opened her legs for him to enter. And how she had been fucked by both of them, feeling their cocks separated only by the thin membrane. And the orgasm that saw her ejaculate on to Simon as they came, filling both orifices.She recalled her friend Emily, who at one point in the evening had three of them in her. They were like animals. The look on her face when both Joseph and Simon penetrated her. Kate had wanted to cry out to stop them. Surely it would be too much? Both cocks in her pussy. But somehow Emily had enjoyed it, the screams as she came confirming her delight, and that’s what scared her so much. So did she. The feeling of being dominated, hands on her breasts, on her arse. One cock being replaced by another. She’d enjoyed it.“Kate?”She was staring into space, recalling the fat man walking out of the shadows, his face grinning and this time she couldn’t refuse him. Unzipping his cock as he walked towards her. She’d taken his cock and greedily devoured it. Her legs were being held open as Andy’s vandalised cock ploughed into her. His piercings sending orgasmic electric shocks though her body. All the time the fat man’s insults rained on her. “Black cock whore,” “upper class slut” were spat into her face as she sucked his thick stubby cock until she tasted his cum as it spurted into her mouth.“Kate?”She shuddered, remembering Simons instructions.“Take it out.” She’d been puzzled and turned to him for guidance. “Take his cock out.” She looked over at Michael, standing on the side-lines, watching the sordid proceedings. She tried to work out his age. He must be over eighteen she thought, or he couldn’t work at the bar, but his demeanour, and the adolescent way he conducted himself led her to believe he was younger.“He’s a virgin,” he’d said, and she could sense the grin on Simon’s face, “so Kate, be gentle.” Dismayed at what she was being asked to do, she couldn’t imagine being put in a more inappropriate position, or even a more public way for the boy to lose his virginity. Simon nudged her forward. As she approached him, she looked into the boy’s wide eyes. He appeared frightened, and for the first time in her life, a mothering instinct engulfed her.She wanted to hug him and lead him away from this place, but as she put her hand on his cheek, she felt the overwhelming urge to kiss him and surprised herself when she moved forward, and their lips touched. His mouth opened accepting her tongue. He tasted of cheese and onion crisps and spearmint chewing gum, which reminded her of the village hall discos of her youth. Knowing she had to take the lead, her hand dropped to his groin.His eyes closed, and he shivered when her hand felt his hardness, giving away his inexperience. Kneeling in front of him, she unzipped his fly, praying he could perform and save himself the humiliating prospect of failure in front of the rowdy gathering with their crude comments. She was relieved when his hard-uncircumcised cock stood out in front of her eyes. Rubbing it, the pre-cum dripped on to her hand from the hidden purple head as her lips engulfed him, slowly working their way down until his pubic hair tickled her nose.Instinctively, knowing he wouldn’t last long, and desperate not to spoil his first time she led him in to Simon’s bedroom and closed the door. Aware of her Mrs Robinson role, she lay on the bed as Michael awkwardly took his trousers off. It wasn’t great, first times generally aren’t. Kneeling between her open legs, her hand reached down and guided him in. As hard as she tried to slow him down, after only a dozen thrusts he came. Feeling his potent virgin seed explode inside her.“Kate?”She was held down on the pool table, her arms and legs pinned as Andy approached her. Staring blankly into her coffee cup, she relived seeing the apparatus he held in his hands.“This is my mark,” Simon had said, grinning, “Kate, it’s what you are, you do know that don’t you? And soon your husband will too.” Kate struggled, screaming as the forceps clamped down on her left nipple."Kate?”She looked over at his worried face. Her breasts felt sore, and a little heavier. How do I tell him? What do I tell him? If the last six months had taught her anything, it was that the truth always comes out. Kate stood up and away from the table. Slowly loosening the belt on the dressing gown, she let it fall from her shoulders.David gasped as he saw her swollen breasts, and the black barbells that pierced both nipples.“It wasn’t just Simon. There were others,” She broke down as she looked down at her breasts, “I think they’re permanent, I feel so ashamed.” David stared in astonishment. He had never envisaged this level of brutality. They had literally branded his wife. Looking closer he saw the marking of a black queen of spades on each one.“What?”“It’s a symbol,” she mumbled, feeling lightheaded.“What does it mean?” he replied in all innocence.“It means that I love black cock; that’s what it means, David.” She held on to the back of the chair, tears streaming down her face, “it does, it tells everyone that’s what I want. And I deserve it.” David saw his broken wife and realised that whatever had happened last night, it wasn’t the time for questions - those could come later. Kate looked tired and in need of rest. As he watched her walk away he felt the weight ease off his shoulders. At last It was over.Eight months later…The September sun shone through the trees in university park as Kate walked the short distance to her favourite lunchtime coffee house. The town buzzed with the return of the students after the summer break. Porters struggled as heavy trunks were loaded onto trollies and wheeled into the colleges. David and Kate had managed to work their way through her dalliance.It hadn’t been easy, Kate eventually told David everything that happened that night and he took it badly. He moved out for a few weeks to a hotel, but It’s amazing what the threat of an expensive divorce and the possible revelations that may come with it can do to heal a wounded pride. Dr Emily Wallace moved out of the area with her husband Peter. Rumours reached the surgery in Oxford that they had separated due to Emily’s continuing infidelity. But that’s another story.The coffee house was quiet on this Monday afternoon, as her lunch arrived. She had the feeling that she was being watched, an eerie sensation she couldn’t explain. The coffee house was barely half full, and no one here was paying her any attention. She ate her tuna salad while daydreaming out of the window.“Good afternoon, Lady Kate.” His voice behind her stopped her heart, and looking up, she saw him.“What do you want?” she said, her hands trembling. She put down her coffee cup while nervously playing with her necklace, unintentionally drawing his attention to her ample bosom. Taking a seat at her table he was encouraged to see her furtively glance at his crotch.“How have you been? I saw your great news in the paper a few months ago.” David’s knighthood had been well publicised, and pictures of Sir David and Lady Kate at Buckingham Palace had circulated the nations media for a while.“Fine. We’re fine.” Flustered, she could feel the heat burning her neck and cheeks. Thoughts rained in from their last encounter as she tried unsuccessfully to block out the memory of the degradation. She froze as his hand reached out feeling the top button of her blouse, his fingers brushing her cleavage.“Do they feel good?” he questioned, staring directly into her eyes. She didn’t answer but the truth was that the piercings had made her nipples wonderfully sensitive. David had learnt quickly that even the lightest touch turned her on. Kate looked over his shoulder, conscious of prying eyes as he continued to trace a line up and down her v necked top, his knuckles stoking her soft exposed bosom. Simon noticed the unmistakable signs of her arousal, her hardened nipples detectable through her thin patterned blouse.Despite herself she could feel her the pleasant quiver in her loins.“Do you want to have some fun?”***Author's Note: Many thanks to literot, his assistance with my dyslexia is invaluable

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