Sounds like a Whore Because She Wants Something Like In Porn Movies

Sounds like a Whore Because She Wants Something Like In Porn Movies

“No,” I told him, a big grin on my face. “Damn!” he said, looking disappointed. “But…,” I giggled. “I have been thinking about your other request,” I said, wiggling my eyebrows up and down. “Which request was that?” he asked, looking confused. “Well since we don’t have a condom and I’m not on birth control, what other place could you fuck me and not risk knocking me up?” I asked, giving him a serious glance. His whole face lit up as the realization of what I meant sunk in. I nearly got my eye poked out by his cock he got hard so quickly. “You mean...,” he paused. “Anal?” he said, trying obviously not to seem too eager. “Mmhmm,” I said, nodding. “But first you’re going to do me a favor,” I said, an evil grin cross my features. “Anything you want babe, just name it,” he said, this time not hiding his eagerness at all. “You’re going to eat me out,” I said, sitting up and rolling on to my back. I removed my skirt as he sat up. I raised my leg and shook my foot at him to indicate for him to take off my shoes. He unclipped my shoe and tossed it on the ground, I put my leg down and gave him the other in which he did the same. I placed my feet on the futon on either side of him. My legs bent at the knee giving him full access to my pussy. He moved his face down between my legs. He kissed my inner thigh slowly making his way to my pussy lips, kissing and sucking his whole way there. I felt his wet tongue slide between my lips parting them. “Nice and slow,” I instructed. He moved his tongue up and down my lips. I placed my hand on the back of his head. I moaned. I spread my legs a little wider and lifted my legs slightly giving access him to my tight little asshole. “Lick my ass baby,” I moaned. His tongue stopped moving for a moment, presumably he was thinking over the idea. I moved down and ran his tongue over my hole. The wet sensation felt incredible. I moaned louder, encouraging him. He flicked his tongue at my asshole with more confidence. With swirls and flicks at my backdoor he brought my arousal to new level. I reached down and held the back of my knees to support my legs. “Fuck yeah, baby that feels so good,” I moaned loudly. With that he pushed his tongue into my ass. “Oh fuck,” I moaned. He fucked my ass with his tongue for a bit, and then slid it up the length of my wet pussy lips. I let my legs drop as he furiously lapped at my slit. I placed my hand back on his head and the other I used to massage my tit. He occasionally glanced up at me admiring my tits. Both of his hands were gripping my thighs holding me in place. “Higher,” I told him, through heavy breath. He moved his tongue higher to my clit and slowed down. He aim was much more focused this time. I moaned and gripped at his head as he licked my clit. I reached down and pushed his left hand off of my leg. “Finger my pussy,” I struggled to tell him, my sentence broken by moans. He slid his finger around the outline of my lips, trying to find the entrance. Upon finding it he slid his finger inside. My hips began to rock on their own accord. He his finger moved back and forth penetrating me. He placed another finger inside, forcing another large moan out of me. The two combined sensations bringing me closer and closer to explosion. He twisted his fingers around and started bending them running his fingers tip on the upper wall of my vagina. I felt a pressure almost like I had to pee, but then there was release from the pressure. This alternating sensation turned discomfort to immense pleasure. “Oh my god, oh my god!” I exclaimed the tail end of each sentence wrapped in a moan. He took the queue and kept this up. I moaned louder and louder as the pressure built up inside me, my breathing becoming shallow and hard. I felt my skin prickle. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, just like that, don’t stop!” The words escaped my mouth, now moaning uncontrollably. As orgasmic waves suddenly overtook my body I lost my control of it. My pelvis shot upward, his grip on my leg on the one side tighten trying to hold me in place as he continued to work my clit with his tongue. My body twisted to the side, my thighs trapp
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ing his head between them and tilting it sideways. I lost his fingers at this point but his tongue stayed focused. I could no longer take the sensation my clit growing hyper sensitive. I rolled back on to my back and pushed him away. He fought me at first thinking it was still my body acting on its own, and then finally gave way. “Stop, stop, please stop…,” I moaned, my hands waving at his face. “Something wrong?” he asked, nervously. “Oh no, nothing wrong, get a bit sensitive now. You were amazing,” I assured him. “Okay cool, thought I messed up there,” he said smiling his face covered in our juices. “Hand me my purse,” I instructed. “Here you go,” he said handing it to me from off the floor. “Just take out the KY,” I panted. He removed the KY jelly and looked at me. I reached out and took it from him. I dipped two of my fingers in it and lift my leg once again exposing my tight little asshole. I ran a little over it and then pressed one of my fingers tips in rubbing the lube inside. He sat there watching the display his rock solid cock propped upright. “Lube your dick with it. Make sure you get it all over,” I told him. He pulled out some of the jelly and began to run his cock through it rubbing his hand around as if he was jerking off. He lathered the head a bit and looked at me for approval. I sat up and turned over on to all fours putting my ass into the air. He understood this as approval and sat up on his knees. He reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart and then ran his cock between them. Without guidance he tried to push the tip against my asshole and it quickly slipped upward. He then let go of one of my ass cheeks and held his cock firmly in place and then tried again. He pushed to no avail, his cock now beginning to soften a bit. “Fuck what the hell?” he said in frustration. He sat back a bit a stroked his cock back to firmness. “Here,” I said, while reaching back and pulling one of my ass cheeks to the side. He grabbed the other giving himself better access. I took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. He again gripped his cock and pushed the head against my hole. Being ready for it my ass graciously accepted the tip of his cock. I felt a bit of pain as his dick split me open. He pushed his cock in past the head, the pain giving way a bit. My muscles involuntarily trying to expel him, as they tightened and released he moaned. “Fuck I think I’m gonna cum!” he yelled. With that being said, I pushed back against him forcing his cock a bit deeper. My ass had never felt so full the pain was a good pain. He took a deep breath sitting perfectly still. After a few moments he re-gripped my hips and forced his cock all the way in. I bit my bottom lip, it hurt but the pain subsided. He again sat still for a few moments, and then pulled back. He was breathing very heavy, trying not to cum. Out of nowhere I suddenly felt a stinging sensation on my ass check accompanied by a loud whack. I jumped a bit, as I did I felt his hand re-grip my hip and push himself all the way back in. He cock swelled and then began to pump hot goo deep in my ass. It grunted loud as he filled my ass with his cum. “Oh fuck yeah, fill my ass baby!” I moaned. The feeling was addicting, I determined this was definitely something I wanted to do again. He hunched over breathing heavy. “God you ass it so tight baby. I couldn’t hold back at all. Sorry if I startled you from the smack, I just always wanted to do that,” he said through heavy pants. “It’s cool I loved it. Next time maybe you’ll last longer,” I reassured him. He leaned back sitting on his heels, his cock squeezed out of me. I fell over on my side. I could feel his jizz in my ass. I used the bathroom to clean up and we both took showers. We discussed the fun of the day and made plans for the next day. I reapplied my clothes this time making sure to put on a bra and panties. His Dad came home and took us out to dinner. Over which he informed us he was taking the next few days off work to spend time with his son. Much to our mutual disappointment this meant no more fooling around till Friday. That night I went home and dreamed of future adventures.

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