She receives a blowjob with force and is forced to swallow

She receives a blowjob with force and is forced to swallow

Her heart beat faster as she heard the chime of her phone. With her husband out of town on business she was expecting the text. As she read it, she felt her stomach turn. Alejandro’s 7:00. They had always fantasized about going to the swank club downtown, but to be out in public was just too risky. For the last three years she had been in a sexless, loveless marriage, but she still didn’t want to expose her husband to this. When he had told her that he just didn’t have the physical drive she tried everything to get him re-engaged. Two months ago she gave into temptation and here she was. It is Masquerade Night. Tina and Jack will be there. Your clothes will be in the car. She felt some relief. It was unlikely that any would recognize her and if they did, she could explain it as a night out with her friend Tina, one of only two people in the world that knew her secret. She quickly got ready and was going out of the door as the car pulled up. She slid in and smiled at the driver, the other person in the know. He grinned and said, “My favorite passenger." He nodded at the clothes hanging and an elaborate mask on the seat. “Something interesting planned for the night?” She quickly wriggled out of her skirt and then pulled off her top as he pulled onto a deserted side street. “You might say that.” In just her panties and bra, the air felt cool but she paused to make sure that he got his “tip” for the night. She was rewarded by a big smile. The ride passed quickly and before she was mentally ready they pulled up to the club. The driver helped her from the back seat and gave her hand a light squeeze. “You look amazing. He’s a lucky guy.” She blushed behind the mask, smiled, took a deep breath and walked inside. The music washed over her. The crowd swayed and moved, doing a salsa. It was amazing and overwhelming. She felt a hand on hers and turned to see him smiling at her. His mask was a simple black “Lone Ranger” style. “It’s great to see you. I can’t believe how amazing you look in that dress. I knew the slit would show off your legs in amazing ways.” She blushed and said, “You’re looking pretty good yourself. But then you look good in anything, or nothing.” She took his hand and he led her through the crowd. He had a table for them near the back. A glass of wine was already waiting for her. He sat down next to her and she felt his leg against hers. “So, you really think this is okay?” He smiled and said, “Have I ever steered you wrong? Besides, there’s something you need to see tonight.” A song with a rumba beat started. He raised his eyebrow. “Oh no! I am NOT ready.” He took her hand and pulled her from the table. “Oh yes…you are.” She felt like she was gliding on the dance floor. He led her expertly, guiding her. His hands, his movements, everything felt perfect. She had dreamt of dancing like this, but had never had a partner that made it this effortless. Several songs came and went. A slow dance came on and gave her a chance to catch her breath. As he held her she looked up to his eyes and was pleased to see him gazing at her. “Take a break after this one?” She nodded. He gestured toward the door to an outdoor patio. Outside the cool air felt amazing on her warm skin. They walked to railing and admired the view of the city. He stood behind her holding her close. “You know it could always be like this.” She frowned. “You know I can’t do that. I made a promise. I asked him if he wanted to separate and he said no.” “But you don’t love him.” “It’s complicated. He needs me. I can’t just leave.” “Didn’t he tell you that he’d give you a divorce on the spot if you ever caught him cheating?” “Yes, but he isn’t interested in anything like that.” “Would you want to know if he strayed? If you found out, what would you do?” “I would want to know, and yes I’d leave him. But we both know that’s
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just not going to happen.” He looked out over the city, lost in his thoughts. His strong arms around her felt amazing. After a minute she felt a change come over him. He turned her so that she was facing him. His face looked resolute. “Let’s go. We need to make a stop at a restaurant near here.” “Are you sure? What if we’re seen?” “Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay.” They walked back through the club and he grabbed a coat that he had at the table. Once they were outside, he took their masks and put them in a coat pocket. He draped it over her shoulders and held her hand as they walked slowly along on the deserted street. He stopped in front of a restaurant that she hadn’t noticed on the way to the club. He held the door for her as they entered. The hostess greeted them with a question, “the back room?” He simply nodded. They were led through a side door to a room with small side rooms containing tables. Several of the rooms were already occupied, hidden behind closed curtains. The hostess left them to choose one of the unoccupied tables. “What IS this place? How do you know about it?” He shrugged. “A person at work told me about it. It’s a place for people to go that don’t want to be seen. You can actually enter from the garage in the basement if you’re a regular.” “Are you a regular?” He shook his head. “But other people you know are.” He nodded as a waitress opened a curtain to his right. Inside, she glimpsed someone that looked like her husband’s boss. Her eyes went wide. “Was that?” He silenced her by putting his fingers to his lips. She could hear the boss talking and women laughing. Then she heard a second man. There was no mistaking that voice, it was her husband. She felt light and was glad when he guided her into a room and shut the curtains. She whispered, “but he’s out of town. He isn’t even interested in sex anymore. This can’t be right.” After a moment her mood shifted and he could sense her anger rising. “How long have you known the truth?” He paused, “Since the beginning. I wouldn’t have started our relationship otherwise. I knew that you wouldn’t have believed me if I just told you. I had to show you. I’m sorry you have to feel these things, but I’m not sorry that you know.” He watched her expression. “If you’re angry, we shouldn’t confront him.” Her face shifted to a smile. “Nope. I feel duped and a bit silly, but I’m looking forward to moving this forward.” He opened the curtain. “Ready my love?” She walked over to the curtain and pulled it back. Her husband was there with his young, ditzy assistant. His initial look of shock gave way to a sly grin. “Hi honey. Guess what? Our trip got cancelled. We decided to have dinner before coming home.” A shadow fell over the table as her man stepped up. Sly grins gave way to worried frowns. “What are you doing here?” “I’ve come to expose you. I heard you said you’d agree to a divorce if you were ever caught cheating.” He reached into the coat and pulled out papers. “Sign these by tomorrow and both parties agree to arbitration. “ “And if I don’t?” “I’ll make sure you pay in every way that I can. If you look at the last sheet, I’ve suggested an arbitrator.” After leafing through the papers, a slight smile returned. “Fine, we’ll do it your way. I don’t need until tomorrow. “ He signed the agreement. “I’ll be by tomorrow to talk about timing and pick up some things.” She nodded at him. “We’ll see you then.” As they walked out of the restaurant she raised her eyebrow. “Why’d he smile and decide to sign?” “He’s worked with the arbitrator and thinks she likes him. I know she hates him to the core.” They walked a bit further in silence. She stopped and said, “What now?” He pulled her close. The kiss was amazing. He drew back slightly and whispered in her ear, “My woman.”

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