His mother is 36 years old and he is 19 years old and he fucks his mother

His mother is 36 years old and he is 19 years old and he fucks his mother

Ring! Ring! My dream bent to incorporate a ringing telephone. While I was looking around for the phone in my dream it dawned on me that there actually was a ringing phone and I roused myself from sleep. Ring! Ring! Sitting up in bed, I pulled the spare pillow between my back and the headboard and yawned widely. I grabbed my cell phone from the bedside table, pressed the green button and brought it to my ear, briefly wondering who might be calling me at this hour. After glancing at the alarm clock I realised it wasn't as early as I thought. "Um... Hello?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "Roger? Is that you?" "Ah, yeah. Who's calling?" It sounded like Annie, but I didn't want to make a mistake. "It's Annie Wilkinson, Sir. From... um... work." "Hello, Annie," I said, smiling and getting comfortable. "This is a nice surprise." "Can you talk, Sir? I'm sorry for calling so early." "Yes, I can talk. And it's not really that early, Annie. I'm just still half asleep, that's all." "Yes, Sir. Sorry again, Sir." "Relax, Annie, it's fine. I'm glad you called. I was going to call you today," I said. "Oh. May I ask what about, Sir?" "I wanted to ask you if I had to be careful around the partners, I mean... Do you think they'd be offended by anything that might go on tonight?" "Oh, no, Sir. I doubt it. Some of the executive parties get pretty wild, I'm told. They're not as uptight as people imagine." "I see... well that's a relief. Um, how did you get my number?" I asked, remembering how I got hers. "It's in the book, Sir." "Oh. Yeah. Of course it is. Duh," I said, feeling pretty stupid. Giggles came down the phone line. "Are you always like this first thing in the morning, Sir?" Annie asked. I could see her smiling face in my mind. "Always," I replied, laughing with her. "So, to what do I owe this call, Annie?" "Ugh... I'm sorry to bother you with this, Sir. But it's Sylvia." I sighed to myself. "What's happened now?" "She's gone missing." "Missing?" "I've tried calling her, but she doesn't answer. No one seems to know or care where she might be." She sniffled. "Look, I'm sure there must be some logical explan-" "No, Sir. I know something's wrong. And it's something to do with that picture. I just know it, Sir." "I don't have it any more." "But Claudio said-" "Claudio?" "Yes, Sir. Claudio told me he made sure you had the picture. He said it was a simple thing, and you'd know what to do with it." "A simple thing?" "Yeah, I didn't know what he meant by that either, Sir." I should have opened the damned thing in the first place, I thought, sighing. "What is it, Sir?" "Oh, nothing. I just feel like things are getting more strange, rather than less. Sorry, please go on." "Yes, Sir. All I know is, Sylvia said she had a meeting last night and was concerned about it and to call in the morning to check on her but she's not home and-" "Slow down, Annie. Slow down." "Gosh... I'm sorry, Sir. I'm just really worried." "I'm sure Sylvia can take care of herself." "I don't think so, Sir." "Sorry?" "Sylvia is a lot more fragile than most people think, and she's taken to drinking, Sir. God knows what she might have gotten herself into." "I really think you are worrying about nothing, Annie." "You are not helping, Sir." I furrowed my brow. "I'm trying to keep you from becoming upset, Annie." I should have known she would furrow hers. "And I'm trying to tell you that I can't just shut off my concern for a friend, Sir." I put the heel of my hand against my forehead, feeling the beginnings of a headache. I'd been up five minutes and I'd already made a huge mistake. Finally she spoke again. "I'm sorry to bother you with this, Sir." "And I apologise for being a complete asshole, Annie," I said softly. She giggled again. "You are probably just still half asleep, Sir. And nervous. I'm sure the party will be great. Claudio said everything is arranged." "I hope you're right," I said honestly. "And that's the second time you've mentioned Claudio." "He's been a good mentor, Sir." "I don't think I'm following you." "A mentor is one who introduces another to the lifestyle. They provide advice, and teach him or her how to avoid making mistakes. In my case I had to learn what it was that made me tick, and how to be pleasing and respectful, Sir. Claudio helped me with those things." "An important job." "Similar to Chantelle for you, I imagine, Sir." "Yes, I suppose it is." I heard Annie sigh. "I wish I knew what to do." "I suppose you've called her friends and parents?" "I've rung around, but no one has seen her." "And she has your number?" "Yes, Sir." "Well, sometimes all one can do is share their concerns, just like you have." She sighed again. "Yes. You're right, Sir." A moment of silence enveloped us. "I probably should be going now." "Wait, Annie..." "Yes, Sir?" "What are you doing right now?" I asked. "I was just going to sit around and hope Sylvia called. Otherwise I have no plans until this afternoon." I hoped I detected that smile in her voice again. "This afternoon?" "I have to start getting ready for the party, Sir. There is a certain Dominant I'd like to impress." "Claudio?" "No. Not Claudio, Sir. I don't want Claudio. He's a bit too crazy for me," she giggled. "Um, can I tell you something, Sir?" "Sure." "Well two things, actually. I rang Claudio because he's my mentor, Sir. I wasn't sure what to do. You and I, um, have his blessing, Sir. You know, if anything like, develops between us. He likes you and wishes us the best of luck. Actually, it was he who suggested I ring you, Sir." "I see." Maybe I'm wrong about Claudio, I thought. "And the other thing is, Claudio was involved with Josephine until recently, Sir. He thinks that's probably why she was so quick to pounce on you, on the rebound or something. All I know is, Claudio was a bit worried about you, but I don't know why. I mean, Josephine's a bit crazy, but she wouldn't harm a flea, and she's um, very experienced." "Well, I don't know if she's harmless," I said. "I'm not sure if I trust her." "Oh, Sir. I don't know what to think." "You're not alone." Another silence descended upon us. "Annie?" "Yes, Sir." "You meant me, didn't you? The 'Dominant you wanted to impress'?" "Yes, Sir" she whispered. Smiling to myself, I said, "I'm already impressed." I could hear her breathing down the line. "I'm blushing, Sir." "And I don't think you should be alone, worrying about Sylvia. Would you meet me for coffee somewhere?" I heard her swallow. "My mouth just went dry. Yes! I'd love to, Sir. Um... where?" "On the corner of Stewart and Marketown, there's a coffee shop." "I know it." "I'll meet you there in..." I looked at the clock, "three hours?" "Not until midday, Sir?" She sounded disappointed. "I have a few errands to run, Annie." "Oh. Yes, okay, Sir. I'm sorry for sounding less than thankful. I'm just um, excited about seeing you." "Good." I was starting to feel quite excited myself. But first I wanted to visit an adult shop and see what I could pick up. Then maybe a linen shop for some new sheets. The ones on the bed had seen better days, and the ones in the closet weren't much better. Looking around my apartment, I thought I might visit a hardware store for paint too, but maybe that could wait. "Oh, fuck!" I exclaimed, suddenly realising I'd left my toy box at Josephine's place. "Sir?" "Oh... I um, I just remembered something else I had to do." "Yes, Sir. Does that mean you'll be even later?" I imagined she was pouting. "No, I don't think so. I should still be there by twelve. I'll call if I'm running late." "Okay, I'll give you my number. Do you have a pen handy, Sir?" I was wondering how I could get my toy box, and still do everything else I wanted to do. "I already have it," I said, not thinking. "You do? It's unlisted, Sir." "Oh. Ah, okay, you caught me. I asked Chantelle for it and she gave it to me last night." "Oh, Sir. I'm teasing, I already knew that." She was smiling once again. "Um. Sorry, Sir." She giggled again. "I'm bad." I shook my head. I hoped a shower and some food would give me the energy I needed to think more quickly on my feet. "We better see what we can do about that," I said, hoping it was a good recovery. "I'll see you at midday, Annie." "Yes, Sir. See you then." A few minutes later in the shower, I shook my head in wonder. How did I forget the toy box? I vowed never to leave the bloody thing anywhere ever again. I could just imagine trying to reclaim it from lost property if I left it on the subway. Or from the police! Stepping out of the shower and drying my hair, I heard the regular phone ringing. I wrapped my towel around my hips and walked into the kitchen. "Who could that be?" I wondered aloud. I decided to let the machine take it while I made coffee. "Hello, this is Roger, I can't get to the phone right now, leave a message and I'll call you back..." "Sir? Please, pick up if you are there." It was Adrian. I smiled, thinking of Chantelle's description of his voice. Putting aside my half-made coffee, I picked up the receiver and looked down, seeing the light on the machine, blinking and indicating an existing message. It must have been left while I was in the shower. "Hello, Adrian. Roger here." "Oh Sir, thank God you are there. Oh my God. Oh my God! What have I done?" "What is it, Adrian? What's the matter?" "I lied, Sir. I lied to Mistress and to you and... and... Oh dear..." "What are you talking about?" "Well, I... oh Sir... I'm in so much trouble..." "What happened, Adrian? And what does it have to do with me?" "It's your envelope, Sir. The one with the pho-" Click! Bzzzzzzz... My jaw dropped and for a moment no words escaped. I rattled the disconnect button on the phone like I'd seen in the movies. I should have known it was useless. "Fuck!" I said aloud, slamming down the receiver. Then I remembered I had Adrian's number. I ran to my bedroom and rummaged through my closet. I quickly slipped my diary out of my jacket pocket and looked up the number while I strode back to the phone on the wall. Then the phone rang again. I picked it up before it had a chance to ring twice. "Adrian?!" I almost shouted. "Yes, Sir! Oh, thank God I caught you again. She's just gone into a store to get the paper. I was nearly caught... Sorry Sir. Josephine, Sir! Josephine!! You have got to stop her! She's coming back! Check your case!" Click! Bzzzzzzzzz... But I didn't have the damned case! I ran to the window and watched a taxi pull away from the kerb. "Dammit." Then I remembered the message on the answering machine. I raced over and pressed the required buttons. Listening impatiently, I tapped my fingers as I told the caller I wasn't home and waited for the message. I held my breath. It was Josephine. "Roger Sir, Josephine here. I dropped your case outside your apartment door a few minutes ago. I'm just hopping into a taxi outside your building. I'm so excited! I'm going to see my sister today. Isn't that wonderful?" She sounded very animated, but also a bit weird, almost manic. "I'm a little busy or I would have stayed, especially after last night." She tittered and went on. I shuddered and my skin crawled. Something about her had started to bother me. "Sylvia says she wants to really make a splash tonight, and I've volunteered to help her! It's going to be such fun." Had the bridges been repaired? I wondered. "Well Sir, big loving kisses for my Sir, mmmwwaaahhh... And I'll look forward to seeing you toni-" Click. Hoping my toy box hadn't been stolen by a neighbour, I hurried to my front door and threw it open. There stood the box, with a long blue ribbon tied in a bow around it. I grabbed the handle and brought it inside, pushing the door closed behind me with a thud. Putting it down on my kitchen table, I undid the latches and pulled up the lid. Nothing. Everything was there, in its proper place. No envelope. The edge of the red foam lifted when I slid my fingers between it and the edge of the box. I did the same on the opposite edge and lifted out the contents. "Yes!" There it was! Then I sputtered in shock as I turned it over in my hands. "But, this isn't it!" I tore it open and the contents, a picture and a note, fell on the table. I picked up the photo. It was of Josephine in a string bikini. She was looking back over her shoulder and tilting down her sunglasses looking into the camera. It was a good shot. She looked like she was on holidays, surrounded by sand and sunshine. I shook my head in confusion and opened the note, flattening it on the table with the edge of my palm. Pulling out a chair and sliding into it, I started reading. Dear Roger, If you have opened this envelope, then I guess my attempts to spare you getting involved have failed. You see, I tried to steam open the original envelope and replace the picture, but it didn't work. (How 'do' they do that in the movies?) And unfortunately I couldn't let you have that photograph. No. That would be no fun at all. You see, with the photograph, I still control the game. I control everyone and you are all the pawns. I'm the Queen and you are all my subjects. I can do whatever I like. What is in the photograph, you ask? My, my, Roger. Haven't you guessed? Goodness, Sir, surely a big strong man, with your intellect, can figure it out. Or perhaps it's not a photograph at all! Wouldn't that be fun! Oh, Roger, don't be mad at me. You'll see. You'll see! I've worked it all out and I can have everything. Even you. With love and kisses, Josephine I leaned back in the kitchen chair and shook my head. "I think she's certifiable," I said out loud. "Wait til everyone finds out about this!" Then I stood up and hesitated. Putting two and two together, I realised that if Josephine found out that I knew she was behind all this, then not only could Adrian be in trouble, but all hell could break loose at the party. Chantelle will know what to do, and she's going to be livid, I thought. I was glad I wasn't in Josephine's shoes. I looked at my watch. It was just after 9.30 A.M. Well, at least I don't need to go to Josephine's apartment. I decided to call Chantelle. Then at the last moment, I thought, Stuff it. I'll try Sylvia. I flicked through my diary to 'Harper' and dialled her mobile. What happened next left me shaking my head all over again. "Hello?" "Hello? Sylvia? It's Roger." "Er, who?" "Roger. Roger Moore, from work." "Oh, Roger. Hello. I'm ah, I'm busy right now." "Are you all right? You sound different." "Yes..." Cough. Cough. "Just a little cold. Nothing to worry about." She sounded hung over to me. "Annie said she couldn't contact you earlier. She was worried about you." "Oh, that. I um, I slept in. Tell her everything's fine." Cough. "Okay. I guess I'll see you at the party." "Oh yes, I'm ah, I'm looking forward to it. Bye." Click. That was weird. I wondered why she hadn't asked where I got her number. That wasn't like Sylvia at all. More likely she would have torn my head off for invading her privacy. I decided she was either pretty sick, or Josephine was right and Sylvia was all bluster. I smiled to myself. At least Annie will be pleased. I debated calling her and letting her know Sylvia was okay while I finished my coffee. I figured I'd let her stew for a few hours. No harm in that. I shook my head. "Wonders will never cease." After showering, shaving and changing, I stood before the mirror checking how I looked. Wearing black denim jeans with a crisp, white, open-necked shirt under my black leather jacket, I thought I looked pretty good. Very Jimmy Dean. Slipping on some socks and runners, I grabbed my sunglasses and perched them on my head. After one last check in the mirror, I was out the door. It was beautiful out. I made a beeline across town to the adult supermarket Chantelle had recommended. I knew it wasn't far. It was a typical Saturday morning in the city, with the change in pace almost discernable. I grabbed a hotdog and a pretzel and chuckled to myself. Breakfast of champions! Adult World was the name of the place, and I was standing under the awning out front when I decided I wanted to call Annie. I was standing there with my phone in my hand, looking at it and about to dial, when I realised I didn't have her number. I'd left my diary on the kitchen table next to my case. Frowning, I cursed under my breath and slipped my phone back into my pocket. At least Annie wouldn't be waiting for me to call. She might have already spoken to Sylvia herself. I wasn't concerned. I was thinking about her though. About Annie. She'd be getting ready by now, I thought as I walked around the aisles of the brightly lit clean store, seeing what caught my eye. Not much, actually. There were lots of videos and magazines, like thousands. I flipped over a couple of the BDSM videos but was pretty unimpressed. I continued to wander and a young woman approached me, asking if she could be of assistance. She wore a pink top with the name of the store splashed across it in white, and black spandex leggings with black high heels. I smiled as she approached. When she cocked her head, she looked quite cute with the pink beret on her head. "Can I help you, Sir?" she asked with a southern accent. "No, ah, I'm just looking around. I've never been in a store like this before." She nodded and smiled, flashing her bright white teeth. "We get lots of first timers. If you need me just holler, okay?" She flicked her blonde hair from in front of her eyes and smiled up at me. "I'll be around. Just ask for Stacey," she winked. "Will do." She turned on her heels, and I watched her ass sway as she walked away. Mmmm... I wouldn't mind spanking that, I mused, chuckling discretely. How things had changed. Tearing my eyes from her ass, I made my way down another aisle. This one was full of butt plugs, dildos, dongs, double dongs and vibrators of every size and colour. My God. The range was ridiculous. I reached the end of the aisle and something caught my eye. 'Remote Control Egg'. Hadn't Chantelle mentioned one of those? I picked up the box and turned it over. Goodness. What a wicked little toy. I tucked it under my arm and continued walking. I reminded myself to get spare batteries. I smiled. Leave nothing to chance, as my father used to say. In the next aisle I noticed 'Ben-wah Balls'. I picked up the box closest to me before noticing the 'deluxe' range on a shelf against the low wall separating the aisles. "Flexible rubber spikes," I read aloud. How imaginative! I grabbed the small box and tucked it under my arm as well. It was at least fifteen minutes later and I was almost all browsed out when Stacey approached me again. "Very thorough, aren't you?" "I like to take my time, yes." She nodded and smiled knowingly. "You've been everywhere except the back corner." "I was saving the best till last." "I'm not busy right now. Would it please you if I showed you around, Sir?" I smiled, thinking, what a nicely constructed sentence. "Yes. I'd like that," I replied. Stacey nodded and led the way back to the 'BDSM Corner'. Up on the wall were various implements and leather harness type things with straps going everywhere. There was even one with a huge dildo mounted on it. There were various cuffs and collars and all manner of things in large bins. I remembered what Chantelle said about seeking out quality gear and scanned across the bench top to see what I could find. I picked up a set of sheets with 'Velcro restraining straps' sewed into them. Two birds with one stone, I thought, smiling. Stacey brought over a small plastic basket and I dumped the things I'd chosen into it. I also grabbed a ball-gag. Then I stopped and looked up at the range against the back wall. Stacey pointed out the cats and floggers and crops and a few things I wasn't too familiar with, like swings and spreader bars. We arrived at the end of the display and up on the wall was a selection of paddles. "And here are our new exclusive range of paddles," Stacey announced. "Lots to choose from, from mild to heavy-handed discipline," she bubbled. I thought she sounded like a brochure. "And um, the maker's card is just over here." She reached over, plucking one and passing it to me. "Local guy, well known in the lifestyle," she continued. "Are you familiar with the lifestyle, Sir?" "Somewhat," I answered noncommittally. "Um, yes. I had a feeling you were. Ah, well, anyway, these pieces, here and here," she pointed, "are also his work. They're on special, as an introductory line, Sir. Fifty percent off." I was thinking if Annie was as bad as she'd described herself, then I might need something like this. I chuckled and shook my head. "Sir?" Stacey asked. I put down the items I had under my arm and nodded at the paddles. "I could use one of those." "I'm sure you could, Sir." She winked, giggling. "You're a cheeky one, aren't you? Go ahead, I'm listening." "Yes. Um... Sorry, Sir. Yes, okay. Well, um... I particularly like this one... um, I mean I would... choose... this one, Sir. It's um... well made, and has more of a sting than a thud," she said, lifting it from its hook and admiring it. "Um, so I'm told..." she giggled again. "I see. Well, the one you chose looks a little light... so... I'll take this one," I said, reaching up and taking down the heavy, black leather paddle from the wall. It was the most expensive one there. I slapped it against my palm and looked at Stacey. "It has 'thud'." She put the one in her hands back up on the wall. "It's a serious paddle, Sir." "So it is, Stacey." She blushed and stepped close to me, running her palm over its flat surface. "I like the smooth black leather. It's kangaroo, Sir. From special farms or something. Well, at least that's what Moses says in the handout you receive." "Handout?" "Yes, Sir. Moses provides the buyer with care instructions, and lots of information with every purchase." We were having fun and we weren't alone. Our conversation had caught one bystander's attention. "And look, Sir. On the back it's studded." She held my hands in hers and coaxed me to turn the paddle over. Examining it, I recalled Chantelle saying leather goods like this needed to be well crafted. I ran my fingers over the edges of it and inspected the stitching. Then with my eyes closed, I felt its surface with my open hand. The leather was very good quality. It was smooth and supple to the touch. Chantelle also mentioned something about 'give'. "It has good 'give'," I said, sounding more intelligent than I felt. "Yes, Sir. It's made somewhat like a table tennis paddle, with a number of layers." I pressed my thumb into it. "So I see." "You know your paddles, Sir." "Well, actually..." I said, leaning into her and speaking privately. "I'm just learning. But I'm pretty sure I can handle this." Stacey bit her lip and glanced from my eyes down to the pile of things I intended to buy and back up again. I thought I saw her shiver. She whispered, "I think you could handle anything you put your mind to, Sir." "Thank you for saying so, Stacey. That's very reassuring." I looked at my watch. "And thank you for your help, but it's now time I headed to my appointment." "If you'd like to follow me, Sir, I'll ring these up for you." Stacey packed the plastic carry basket and turned on her heels, heading for the cashier. I took one last look around and winked at the customer who was still standing there, enthralled by the whole exchange. I didn't know what he had or hadn't heard, but I hoped he learned something. "Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Sir," Stacey said, looking up at me and holding out my bags. I was excited about my new purchases, and thankful for her help. "Thank you again, Stacey. I know where to come for the best service now." She bowed her head and blushed. "C'mon. Look me in the eyes. Be proud." She looked up at me and grinned hugely. "Be well, Sir. And good luck!" "And you, Stacey." I bowed and slipped out the door. I hailed a taxi and hopped in, telling the driver the destination. Children played hopscotch in an alley while we were stuck in a hold-up, but I wasn't worried. I was right on time. Leave nothing to chance. I wondered what my father would say if he could see me now. Before I'd turned eighteen, he'd passed away. He was a cop and always hoped I'd follow him into the job. My mother, being the protective soul she was, vetoed the idea as soon as she found herself alone. Still, I was left with a lasting impression of a father intent on providing and being involved. I would have liked to have been those things to my own children, but I never had the chance. Suddenly Chantelle's words held new meaning. Sometimes circumstances are at fault Roger. That's all you can blame. Just circumstances. I preferred to think of 'circumstances' as 'opportunities', rather than something to blame. As I was mulling over that thought, we pulled to a sudden stop. I climbed out of the taxi and paid the driver. Walking briskly, I headed into the dry cleaners to pick up my suit, then across the road and up to my apartment. Dumping everything I'd bought on the bed, I sat down on the edge of it and picked up the 'Remote Control Egg'. I was chuckling to myself while taking it out of the box. "Whoa!" I cried when I tested it, almost dropping it. "This is great!" It was doubtful whether I'd get the chance to have Annie at my mercy with this thing, but I slipped it in the pants pocket of my suit, just in case. Leave nothing to chance! Shucking my jeans and leather jacket, I suited up. I wanted to dress to impress. Minutes later I was hopping into another taxi downstairs and asking the driver to take me to the Marketown area. I still had forty-five minutes and wanted to see if I could find some things to make my apartment more interesting. Half an hour later I was sitting comfortably in a booth in the coffee shop. While I waited for Annie's arrival, a waiter had felt sorry for me and offered me a drink. I was sipping from a cold glass of water when Annie bounced in and almost ran over to where I was seated. "Hello, Sir!" she gasped, standing before me and catching her breath. "Am I late?" "You're right on time, Annie," I said, standing and taking her jacket. "Sit. Relax." "Thank you, Sir," she said, taking deep breaths. "Can I get you two anything?" asked the waiter who had duly arrived. He took Annie's jacket from my hands and hung it on a hook right beside the booth. "I'll have a cappuccino," I replied, then looked into Annie's eyes and nodded. "I'll have the same, thank you," she responded, gazing into my eyes. The waiter nodded before scurrying off. I sat down next to her on the bench seat and slid up close. Our knees were about an inch apart. We both started to speak at the same time, and Annie's cheeks coloured as she deferred to me. "Sorry, Sir. Please go on." I was fit to burst with pleasure just being in her presence. She was so genuine and real. Like an open book. I smiled at her and thought, I'm going to have sore cheeks today. "I was just going to say, I am very pleased to be here with you, Annie." She was glowing. "I'm so glad you are pleased, Sir. I've been nervous all morning." I admired her slightly wind-blown, sandy blonde hair, and picked a wavy lock from in front of her eyes. "You've had a haircut," I said softly. Her face fell. "Is it all right? It's not too short?" she asked, fussing with it. "Stop," was all I said. She dropped her hands to her lap and looked at me with a forced but hopeful smile. I had the feeling she thought she'd disappointed me. Focused my eyes on her left temple, I slid the fingers of my right hand into her hair. I slowly drew my fingers away from her head and found her hair smooth and well conditioned. "You look beautiful," I whispered. I made a light fist in her hair and pulled gently down on the side of her head. She slowly tipped her head about an inch to the left, following my hand. When she crossed her legs under the table, I smiled to myself and winked at her. "I can still make a fist in it," I said softly. "So no, it's not too short." I was delighted by her blushing response and released her hair. She sighed, righted her head and bit her lip delightfully. At that moment, our waiter returned with our coffees and I thanked him. We sat and sipped, staring at each other for a few moments before I spoke. "I spoke with Sylvia e
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arlier. She's fine, just a head cold. Maybe a big night too." "I thought that might have been the explanation, Sir. The big night, I mean." Nodding and holding my coffee in my left hand, I sat back with my right arm outstretched across the top of the curved bench seat. My hand was close to the back of her head, but I didn't want to invade her space again so soon. I wanted her to feel as comfortable as I did. "I have other news." Annie listened intently, sipping her coffee and occasionally covering her open mouth in shock as I related the events of the past morning. "I can hardly believe it, Sir," she said when I was done. "I never knew Josephine was that bad." "Me either." "Do you think she had Adrian steal the envelope?" "I'm not sure how, but yes, that seems likely." "Yes, Sir. It does make sense. Um, just as a matter of interest, when did you speak with Sylvia, Sir?" I thought back. "About nine forty-five? Maybe a little earlier." "Hmmmm." "What are you thinking, Annie?" I asked. "Well, Sir, I rang at ten-thirty and there was no answer." "Maybe she went back to bed." "That's probably it," she said, sounding unconvinced. "Apart from a head cold, she sounded fine to me." "Thanks, Sir. I'll try not to worry about it," she added. I sipped my coffee. "Tell me about Claudio." "Okay." Annie proceeded to explain to me the nature of their relationship; how he helped her find her feet and understand the needs she had, and how to express them. While she spoke I came to the conclusion that he had been very good for her. She was honest and open like a spring flower. A pleasure to be around. She told me they tried taking their relationship to the next level, but it didn't work. I asked if that was a regret she had and she assured me they were better off as friends. "He's been a really good mentor, Sir. I'll always be thankful to him." "I like him too, even if I don't know him really well. I hope we all become good friends." "Me too, Sir." "I want to ask you some questions, Annie. Then I promise I'll give all this business a break, deal?" "Yes, Sir," she said, sitting up straighter, recognising my tone. "You said before that Claudio told you he gave me the photo because he didn't want to get involved..." "Yes, Sir. That's what he said. He said, 'at least that way I can wash my hands of the whole business', or something to that effect." "Hmmm... interesting. I wonder why." "He didn't tell me, Sir. You might have to ask him yourself." "Okay. Did he tell you how he ended up with it?" "Yes, he did this morning, Sir. He said he snuck it from Josephine a few days ago when he realised its importance." "Did he ever tell you what was in the picture?" "No, Sir. He said it would be better if I didn't know." I nodded. "After the other evening, Chantelle isn't going to be pleased that you didn't tell the whole truth, Annie." "You know, Sir, I really don't know Chantelle that well. I would have told you everything if it was just us." Her honesty delighted me. I felt like whatever the future might hold, we were going to be on the same side. We sipped our coffees, and I returned her gaze, admiring the small smile playing on her lips. I whispered, "You like me, don't you, Annie?" "Oh, yes, Sir," she breathed, blushing. "You didn't before though, did you?" "I thought you were just another guy, Sir." "But I'm not just another guy. Am I, Annie?" "N... No, Sir," she stammered, biting her lip again. I put down my coffee and rested one forearm on the table, leaning a little towards her in the booth. Reaching between us, I took the locket she had around her neck in my fingers. In doing so, I grazed her collarbone and electricity flowed between us. "Memories fade, new ones made," I said softly, repeating one of my mother's sayings. She smiled and looked down, opening the locket for me. "It was a present from my mother. It's still empty, Sir," she said, showing me. I nodded and looked up into her eyes. There was a touch of sadness there. I reached up and ran my fingertip along her bottom lip and it trembled. I could hear her breathing quicken. "Do you like it when I touch you, Annie?" She swallowed and looked down. "God... Yes, Sir." Her light blush was giving way to a creeping scarlet, surreptitiously making its way up her neck. I leaned into her ear. "I'm going to kiss your neck," I murmured. "Ohhh..." she moaned, before I'd even touched her. I bent lower and brushed my lips across the warm skin below her ear, barely touching. "Oh, fuckkk," she gasped under her breath. I leaned up to her ear again. "Did you masturbate before you came here?" I asked, blowing warm air gently into her ear "H... How did you know?" "Because, I can smell... your... cunt... Annie." "Ohhhh..." She groaned, squirming. Reaching up, I touched her just under her jaw. She was almost hyperventilating. "Are you all right, Annie?" I asked, leaning back and sipping my coffee, smiling into her eyes. "Y... Yes, Sir." "You're trembling," I said, taking her hand in mine. "I am..." "We should talk." She looked up into my eyes, biting her lip, waiting. I mulled over what I wanted to say, then launched into it. "I don't know that much about the lifestyle, Annie. But I know I have a very strong interest that is not going to wane. My guess is it will become stronger and stronger with time... But what I do know is that I have a strong connection with you. I want to be with you, Annie..." "Oh, Sir," she said, gripping my hand tighter. "Let me finish," I winked, forging onward. "What I mean is, I've always had the desire to get to know you, and now we have this interest in common, I think it's something we should seriously investigate, together. Are we on the same page so far?" "God yes, Sir." "I love how keen you are." "I really want to be with you, Sir. I think we could learn so much together. I'm very excited about it." "Will you be by my side at the party tonight?" Her eyes widened and she broke into a breathless smile. With small nods, she said, "I'd be honoured, Sir." "And you'll give 'us' a chance?" "I... I... Yes, Sir. Yes!" "Then you'd better hug me." I grinned. She threw her arms around me and buried her face in my neck. I could feel tears against my skin. I leaned her back, holding her shoulders and looked into her eyes softly. "Are you sure?" She sniffled and nodded, searching for a tissue in her handbag. Reaching into my pants pocket for my handkerchief, I pulled it out and accidentally pulled out the egg as well. It fell on the bench seat between us and almost rolled away. Annie was quick and covered it with her hand, then picked it up and held it in her fingers, remarking, "This is an egg." "So it is," I said, feeling a blush of my own. She giggled and passed it to me, putting it in my open palm. "I've had fantasies about those," she said quietly, glancing at it. "Have you?" I asked, rotating it in my fingers before her eyes. She watched it for a moment as though mesmerised, then turned her gaze to mine. She nodded and blushed all over again. God, I thought. She's fucking adorable. Even though I could tell she was wearing a bra, her nipples had become quite prominent. It was time to have some fun. "Your nipples are hard. You must like me playing with you like this, don't you? Teasing you, turning you on?" She closed her eyes and her head dropped a little, almost like I'd discovered her secret. After a tiny hesitation, she nodded. I lifted her chin with my finger. For a moment I admired the blueness of her eyes, before smiling a little and whispering. "Do you want me to keep playing with you?" "Y... Yes, Sir," she stuttered again, betraying her passion. "It might get a bit crazy," I said. She bit her lip. "I... I would do anything for you, Sir." "Anything? That's a broad statement, Annie." "I know a fair bit about you, Sir. I... I trust you to look after me." "Well, I'm glad, but I want you to know that no matter what, our enjoyment is my greatest pleasure. I might be pretty new to this, but that's what I want most out of it. I want to be able to give you pleasure, whenever and wherever I choose, and I want to be pleased by your eagerness for me to do it." "T... That's what I want. I want to be told how to please you. I want to be t... told what to do. God, I just want your smile on me." "I have no idea where I'll end up, Annie. This lifestyle might take me anywhere." "I want to go with you, Sir," she said simply. I smiled and nodded. "Okay." She swallowed. "Yes, Sir." "Finish your coffee. Let's have some fun." She lifted her cup and finished what remained while I sipped mine more slowly. I looked over to the hallway that led to the bathrooms and gauged it to be no more than ten feet from where we sat. "Put out your hand." She did and I placed the egg in it. "When I tell you to, I want you to go into the ladies room and slide this deeply inside yourself. Are you wearing underwear?" She nodded, blushing anew. "Put your panties back on after you are done. Then take off your bra and bring it to me in your hand." "Yes, Sir. I... I can do it," she whispered. I wondered whether she was trying to convince herself. "Have you ever done anything like this before?" She shook her head and I smiled. "Good. Okay, you can go now." She slid her ass across the bench seat and stood, straightening her skirt and looking around. I knew exactly what she was thinking. She was trying to figure out who might see her with her bra in her hand. "Hurry up or I'll smack your ass right here," I said, grinning. Taking a deep breath, she walked slowly toward the hallway, then out of my line of sight. After finishing my coffee, I called the waiter over and fixed the check. Annie returned after a few short minutes with her bra tightly balled in her hand. Her head was lowered, apparently trying not to draw attention to herself. Her prominent chest swayed delightfully. She was biting her bottom lip again. She stood before me and placed her bra on the table, gasping as it sprang open. Clasping her shaking hands behind her back, she blushed furiously and watched me through her lashes. "Good girl." She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "Are you having fun, Annie?" "Y... Yes!" she whispered, finding her voice. She looked from me, to her bra, and back again. "You better put that in your handbag," I said, indicating the bra with a nod. "Yes, S... Sir," she managed, her voice catching. She quickly stowed her bra and I stood up, taking her coat from the hook. I helped her put it on and pulled it together in front of her. "Put your hands in your coat pockets." She did. "Can you feel this?" I pressed the left button on the remote I held in my hand. "Ye... yes, Sir." "And this?" I pressed the centre button. "Oh... mmmmmm..." Her eyelashes fluttered. "I guess so," I chuckled. "And what about this?" I pressed the right button and her knees almost buckled. Her eyes closed and her hand captured my arm in an iron grip. "Oohh... Oooohhhh... shhhh... nnnngggggggg..." She was biting her lip, trying not to moan. I took my thumb off the button and spoke with a straight face. "Put your hand back in your pocket. I won't tell you again." She shoved her hand deep in her pocket and looked up at me. I saw her tremble then blink, trying to compose herself. "I... I'll do better. I'm sorry, S... Sir." I narrowed my eyes a little, then grinned and kissed her nose. "Good girl." Her smile was captivating. "What a wonderful little device this is," I said, pressing the left button and holding it down for a second. "Oh, yes Sir!" she gushed, turning red all over again and pulling her coat tightly closed. With her eyes wide and a smile plastered across her face, I took her elbow in my hand to guide her. "Come on, let's go." I picked up the bag of things I'd bought at the market and steered her out the door of the coffee shop. It was only three blocks to my apartment. I was going to enjoy a slow leisurely walk. I was sure Annie was going to enjoy it too. Stepping outside the coffee shop, I slipped my arm around Annie's shoulder. I wasn't sure if she noticed the remote in my hand as we strolled in the general direction of my apartment. "Would you like to see where I live, and ah, help me with a bit of redecorating?" She giggled before replying. "I'd love to, Sir." "Wonderful," I said, holding her close and pressing the left button on the remote. I decided to use the egg for just a few seconds at a time. She melted into me and slowed down a little. "Is it anything like your fantasy?" I asked. "Way better, Sir. It's surreal." "Explain." "Being here. Outside. Walking... or trying to... ohhh..." Middle button. "... with you, Sir... people... " Left button. "Mmmmm... people w... walking by... it's... it's amazing... I can't believe I'm here..." I leaned down and kissed her temple. "It's a beautiful day, Annie." She looked up at me and smiled. "It's already unforgettable, Sir." We turned the corner and were slowly strolling up Angel Boulevard while turned leaves swirled softly around our feet. Annie looked around, recognition dawning. "My family's church is up here." "Is it really?" She giggled. "I don't know why I told you that, Sir." Soon enough the towering spinnerets of St. Stephens blocked out the sun and I held Annie close to warm her as we walked. Just then, people began filing out of the front doors of the church. Quite a few rushed off to other engagements, but many of the worshippers hung about and mingled out the front. People were dressed in their 'Saturday Best'. Children played tag and were being told to calm down by staid parents. An elderly priest shook hands and chatted with those he knew. He was a short, stout man who wore glasses and had a shock of thick, white hair. When he wasn't shaking hands, he clasped his own together over his broad belly. "Oh, dear," said Annie. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It's Father Flanagan, Sir. He married my mother and father. He's a friend of the family." "I see." Father Flanagan waved and looked right at us through the people gathered around him. Then he beckoned us over. Annie looked up at me. "Is it okay, Sir?" I didn't answer. I just steered us up the steps in the direction of this priest, with Annie under my arm. I released the button on the remote and slipped it into my pocket. As we approached, he looked back and forth between the two of us, finally settling on Annie. "Annie, so good to see you." He took Annie's hand in his and shook it gently. "And you, Father," she replied. "And who might this fine gentleman be?" he asked, turning to me. "This is Roger Moore, Father. Um, Roger this is Father Flanagan." "Hello Roger, very nice to meet you." He held out his hand and I shook it firmly. "Indeed, Father Flanagan," I replied, "Annie has told me so much about you." He released my hand and looked back to Annie. I shoved my hand back in my pocket, grasping the remote. "Has she also told you she hasn't been to confession in three weeks?" he asked, waggling his finger in her face. I pressed down the left button on the remote and Annie drew her coat closer around herself. "Confession is good for the soul," I said, smiling to myself. Father Flanagan turned to me and I winked at him. We both turned back to Annie. She had a good blush going. "Aye, that's correct. Are you all right, my child?" "Yes, Father. Just a... aaaooohh..." Middle button, but just for a moment. "... aahhaaachooo!!" Annie sneezed. It sounded so fake I almost broke out laughing. "Bless you, my child." "Th... Thank you, Father. Um. Tomorrow then?" "I'll see you then, Annie Wilkinson." Then to me, "Nice to meet you Mr. Moore." I shook his offered hand and looked him in the eyes as Annie threaded her arm through mine, stuffing her hand deep in her pocket again. "The pleasure is all mine, Father, I assure you." He nodded with a funny look on his face, and I led Annie back down the steps, holding down the left button firmly. "What fun that was." "Oh, Sir! I don't believe it! You are so mean!" Annie giggled, punching my shoulder. I zapped her with the middle button and she slumped against me as we set off up the Boulevard. "Mmmmmmm..." "I bet you are so wet." She bit her lip in the adorable way she did, looking like the cat that caught the canary, before whispering, "Drenched, Sir." An hour and a half later I was sitting on the edge of my bed thinking the place was looking pretty good. I'd told Annie she could do whatever she wanted with all the stuff I bought. She squealed with glee and set about doing exactly that. Between the oriental wall hangings and all the black tulle and the few items I painted, I thought the place was looking pretty good. I'd been busy too. There were now a number of strategic eyebolts around my apartment and a basic pulley system bolted into the beams over the bed. What I liked best though, was what I'd done with the lighting. Gone were the kitsch hanging lanterns and replacing them were mini spotlights and adjustable wall lighting. We moved some of the furniture around and Annie found some nice big cushions in the linen closet. We talked and talked about our limits and dislikes. As far as 'likes' go, she was curious about lots of things, just like I was. We decided to talk about anything that came into our minds, at any time. It would be us first, and everyone else second. Of course, from time to time I reminded Annie of the egg inside her by zapping her. If I pressed the 'High' button, she would jump and tremble, clenching her fists and leaning on something. It was way too much fun. I'd also been thinking about Josephine's letter. I wondered what kind of game she thought she was playing. Sylvia was fine, so I figured it didn't involve her. I tossed up whether to show Annie the note Josephine left in my toy box. I decided to leave it til after the party. Surely Josephine wouldn't try anything with all those people around. It was almost four P.M. and we were sitting on the bed surveying the place and congratulating each other. "It looks so different. I'm really pleased. You did a great job." "I like it too, Sir. It's your own little den of iniquity," she said, grinning at me. "Thanks for your help, Annie." "It's my pleasure, Sir. I'm so glad I could help." I nodded slowly. "How are you feeling?" "I feel... good, Sir. My cheeks are sore from smiling so much, and my jaw aches from clenching it now and again. But other than that, I'm just horny." She giggled, biting her lip as I showed her the remote. "From when I do this?" I asked, pressing the middle button for a moment. "Ohhh..." she gasped, gripping my arm. We looked into each other's eyes and I smiled as she breathed. Placing the remote in her hand, I said, "Hold this for me." "Y... Yes, Sir." "Stand up and face me." She did and with my hands on her hips, I brought her a little closer. I looked up into her eyes. "I'm going to ask you to take your clothes off now. Is this what you want, Annie?" She opened her mouth to say something, but again no words came out. I swore to myself that I would never grow tired of the way she reacted to me. "C'mon," I whispered. "You can do it." She smiled a tiny smile down at me almost apologetically. Then she took a deep shuddering breath. Her hands were shaking. "P... p... please... I... I just want t... to please you, Sir..." "Are you okay?" "I'm just d... dying here S... Sir... This... This whole situation... You... Me... I'm trembling with n... need, Sir. I'm so w... wet... it's ridiculous," she said, blushing crimson. "You please me a great deal, Annie." "Oh, Sir... thank you... thank you so much... I just... I just don't want to come off as some kind of... slut... oh... I'm babbling... I'm s... sorry, Sir..." "Hush, Annie," I said firmly. "Press down the left button on the remote and take off your sweater using only your other hand." I still held her hips lightly while I watched her fumble with the remote. She started shaking a little as she hooked her fingers under the edge of her sweater, then struggled as she slowly slid it upward. First the smooth whiteness of her curved stomach, then her ribs were revealed. Higher and higher she tugged at her sweater until the lower curves of her breasts were uncovered. I caught my breath and abruptly stopped her. "Be still. Release the button." She made like a statue with her sweater only half removed. It was over her head in a tangle and she couldn't see anything. "Hold down the middle button until I say 'release'." She instantly began moaning and her thighs started to tremble. Still she held her arms aloft with the sweater half off. I reached up with both hands and trailed my fingernails along the underneath of each breast from the outside inward. "Release," I said softly. "Ohhh..." I flattened my palms and slid them under her sweater, caressing the warm skin of her sides. She gasped as my trembling hands smoothed over the soft skin of her full breasts. Her nipples were thick and hard and I grazed my thumbs over them, feeling my cock come to life. "Middle button again." She groaned as she pressed the button, then moaned louder as I gripped her nipples between fingers and thumbs and pinched them gently. "Release." "Oh, Goddd..." She sighed and her arms trembled overhead. "Take your sweater the rest of the way off." "Y... Yes, Sir," she said, muffled from behind the fabric. She slipped the sweater the rest of the way off and tossed it by her feet. I scanned her body then drew my eyes back to hers. "Mmmmm..." I said, murmuring my approval. I couldn't wait to see her naked. She was blushing again and biting her lip. I really liked how she did that. "Now the skirt." "Y... Yes, Sir." She took another deep breath and reached behind herself to unzip. "Hand me the remote." She did and went back to unzipping. I pressed the middle button and held it down. She started moaning and whimpering, losing her grasp on the zip. "Hurry up, Annie. We don't have all day." I grinned up at her and she gritted her teeth in determination. I released the button in sympathy and watched as she successfully slid the garment over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of the pool of material and kicked it aside. I put my hands on her hips again and slowly turned her all the way around. She was wearing a pure white g-string and I could smell the sweet scent of her. When she was facing me again, I smiled up at her. "Hands behind your head. Lace your fingers together and stand still." She couldn't. Her thighs trembled uncontrollably and her breasts swayed. "You can't do it, can you?" "N... No, Sir. I'm sorry." "I'll have to punish you then, won't I?" "Ohhh..." I pressed down the middle button again. "Won't I?" I insisted, smiling up at her. "Y... yes, Sir." I stood and leaned into her ear, sliding my fingers over her pubic bone and lower, over the smooth fabric tightly outlining her mound. I released the button. "Move your legs apart," I whispered. She shuffled her feet apart a little. As she did she lowered her pussy further onto my caressing fingers. "Further." She did and the friction was increased. "That's better," I said. Rising to my full height, I withdrew my hand and leaned down, pulling my toy box out from under the bed. I retrieved my crop without thinking. Still holding the remote in my left hand, I turned back to Annie. She was now breathing hard and I pressed the left button and held it down. "Now is it 'surreal', Annie?" I asked teasingly. I chuckled and zapped her with the middle button before she could respond. "Ooohhhhh..." I released it and touched her swollen pussy with the tip of the crop, brushing over the lips, so prominent through the wet fabric. She shuddered and moaned all over again as I pressed and held the left button down. Tap. Tap. Tap. I tapped the tip of the crop against her pretty cunt. "Ooo... ooo... Ooohhhh..." I admired her beauty as she stood trembling before me. Her wide-eyed innocence had me wanting to look after her, to make sure she was never hurt. I'd never felt like this about anyone. Tap. Tap. Tap. "Ooohhh..." I stood up, appraising her and telling her how beautiful I thought she was. I walked around her slowly, tapping her lightly here and there with the crop, keeping her on edge. I loved how the slightest tap brought a pink mark to her ivory skin. She looked so pure. But we both knew she wasn't. "You said before you didn't want me to think of you as a slut." I zapped her with the middle button for a second. "Oohhhh! N... No, Sir." I chuckled. "What about my slut?" Tap. Tap. Tap. On her ass cheek as I held down the left button for a while. "Ohh... that's... that's d... different, S... Sir... Goddd..." I'd almost circled her, and was coming back into her view. "Yes it is, isn't it, Annie?" Pressing the middle button again, I buzzed her in short bursts. "Oooooo... Y... Yes, S... Sir," she replied breathlessly. "I think it excites you, thinking of yourself as my slut. Doesn't it, Annie?" "I feel... very n... naughty... Ooooo thinking of m... myself like that, S... Sir." Tap. Tap. Tap. On her clit, right through her g-string. "You are naughty. Your cunt is wet and you can't keep still. Can you?" My eyes burned into hers. Pop! I struck the crop on her right hip. "Ohhh... N... No, Sir." Pop! Right thigh. "No, 'what'?" I asked. She hesitated. Pop! Right thigh again. "No, Sir! No, I can't help it, Sir. I can't help being n... naughty. Oooooo!!" Middle button. "Mmmmmm..." I smiled. "See, that wasn't so hard. I'll expect full sentences and full confessions from you, Annie." "Y... Yes, Sir." "Good girl." I pressed down the left button and held it on for a few moments while I spoke softly, standing in front of her. "What I want is a girl who feels confident enough to admit her nature, who feels safe enough to be who she is, and who is strong enough to stand up to me when I am wrong." I released the button but she continued trembling. "Can you be her?" "It... It sounds like what I al... always wanted, S... Sir." I brought the tip of the crop up between her legs again, caressing her clit. "I'm pleased to hear that, Annie." Tap. Tap. Tap. "Oohhh Goddd..." "You want to ask me something, don't you, Annie?" "S... Sir?" "You want to cum, don't you?" "Yes!... God, oh yes... please... " She blushed scarlet for the fifth or sixth time that afternoon. "Beg me, Annie. Show me how much you want it, and I'll consider it." I held down the middle button and she shuddered. Tap! Tap! Harder on her clit. I released the button. "Oohhhh... Oooooooo..." "What, Annie?" "Please... p... please..." "Hold on, Annie. Don't cum, I'm not done with you yet." "Oooooo..." "Stand up straight." "Y... yes, S... Sir. Ooohhh fucckkkk..." Middle button again. Tap. Tap. Tap. "Oohhhh... S... Sir... please! P... Please let me c... cum! I... I need it s... so bad!" she pleaded. "Yes, Annie," I whispered, dropping my crop on the bed and taking her into my arms. "That's what I wanted to hear." I slipped the arm with the remote in my hand around her waist, and I pressed down the right button. I started furiously rubbing her clit through her g-string and all hell broke loose. "Ooooo... ooohhhhhh Godddddd... uhhh uhhhhhh..." Her body shook and I caught her as her knees collapsed. Her hands gripped my arm in a useless attempt to support herself as she began to thrash and dig in her nails. I held her tightly to me, my cock between us, aching with hardness and desperate to take her. "Cum for me, pet," I gasped hoarsely into her hair, "cum hard for me." Wave after wave threw her battered body against me. Fits and spasms rocked her, and with her eyes closed and my fingers flying, her moans built to a screaming crescendo before she finally exploded in ecstasy. "OooooooOOOOHHHHEEEEE AAAAHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!" Her hips bucked uncontrollably against my fingers. She was gasping and for a moment I wondered if she could breathe. She suddenly slumped in my arms, semi-conscious. Stunned by the intensity of her orgasm, I picked her up in my arms and laid her gently on my bed as she continued to twitch and moan softly. I rolled her onto her side and spooned in behind her. "Mmmmmm, Sirrr..." she whispered as my hands caressed her smooth, warm skin, "you feel so hard against my ass." I looked up at the ceiling at the pulley system and smiled to myself. "You'll be feeling more, soon enough, Annie."

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