Sex At Home With A Romani Couple Making Money From Videochat

Sex At Home With A Romani Couple Making Money From Videochat

My mind was swirling and I felt the nervous feeling rising in my stomach. How much did Donna know? Surely since she saw my wife’s video she must know everything. Had my wife shown her my online profile from the porn site? Had Donna read my posts and stories? Oh hell, this was overwhelming me!Fortunately, I had the radio droning on in the background, if it had of been silent I might have fainted. I felt nervous. I knew I looked nervous. I was riding a crazy wave of emotions that I had inflicted on myself! I had been like normal, camped out on the deck with my laptop and my radio. Sensing my nervousness Donna wanted to go back out on the deck and visit a little.We had known each other for years but I never looked at her in a sexual way, there was no attraction there for me at all. Donna was like a lot of women in her late fifties you see out there. Oh, I know that sounds stereotypical and I know that there definitely are exceptions. Donna, like my wife, dressed so conservatively that you really never saw much skin. She had a pleasant personality. She wasn’t obnoxious or irritating. She just seemed like family to me, so this felt really awkward.What I didn’t know about Donna was this; she had been holding her entire family together all by herself for over the last fifteen years. Her husband had medical issues. All the different medications he is on had rendered him incapable of taking care of himself. Although Donna never really drank or smoked or did much partying, her two adult sons made up for that.While being outwardly nice guys both had failed marriages, bankruptcies, and addictions to various drugs. Donnas’ life was filled with doing everything for everyone else and she was fed up and frustrated but dedicated to her family nonetheless. Inside Donna was a suppressed monster that had no release. She had no place she could focus her frustration. I never it saw it coming!We sat out on the deck and I offered her something to drink. Donna knew my wife liked a few varieties of wine and asked for a glass. I noticed her watching me as I went into the house to get Donnas’ wine.Donna was wearing a conservative summer dress about calf length and some sandals. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. We chatted about how nice it was that my wife and I were teachers and how nice summers off were while she sipped her wine. I was lulled into a sense of calmness due to the typical small talk. It was when she finished her wine and simply said, “Ready”, that I was jolted back to reality.Remembering how my wife had warned me about acting reluctant in any way, I replied, “Yes Donna.”I followed her inside. She sat on the couch and asked, “Do you mind if we watch a little T.V”Confused, but knowing my place, I said, “Sure”, and handed her the remote and she found a travel channel she liked. Donna excused herself to the bathroom and as she left she said, “When I come out I want you completely undressed.”Here we go I thought. Donna was in the bathroom for only a minute or so and when she came back there I was naked, standing by the couch. She walked by me and sat back down on the couch. She didn’t say anything for a second. She just watched the screen.Then she said, “Could you get me another glass of wine sweetie?”I brought Donna another glass of wine and she told me to kneel down between her legs. I did as she said and she lifted the hem of her dress up. I was looking directly at Donnas’ pussy. I had envisioned a giant muff of hair and you know what else. I was surprised to see she was neatly trimmed, not shaved, but fairly short.Donna gently but firmly pulled my head to her pussy and said, “Lick me slowly.”It had been a long time since my tongue had been in another pussy. I would have never guessed it would have been Donna, but with your face pressed up and held you can’t really tell whom you’re with. I let myself fall naturally into place and began to hunt out her clit with my tongue.I ran my tongue around the outside of her lips and flattened it out when I ran it up between them to her clit. I sucked and pulled on her lips with mine. I sucked on her hood and flicked her aroused clit with the tip of my tongue. Donna was clearly enjoying herself. Her hips would grind every once in a while. She would run her fingers through my hair grabbing a handful.I was lost! At this point I was naked, kneeling under the dress of my wife’s good friend eating her like I would my wife. Once the pussy was thrust right there in my face I guess I just went into an automatic mode. Donna didn’t taste much different than my wife. Her lips and clit might have been a little bigger but really not much different, so I ate away. I had relaxed and began to focus on making Donna cum. It wasn’t long until Donna hissed with a breathy voice, “Yes, yes, like that, there, yes, keep sucking and licking, yes, yes, yes!” Then Donna came, grabbing my hair firmly while grinding her pussy into my face.“Whew, oh man I needed that so badly, thanks sweetie!” she said. She let go of my hair and pushed my head back up and smoothed down the hem of her dress. She smiled down at me and the reality (her face) brought me right back! My face was shiny covere
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d in her juices and she told me to clean up. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and shook my head. I just ate Donna to orgasm and my wife, hell I hadn’t even thought about that, was probably getting fucked silly at this very moment.I wiped my face and realized I was “All in”, now! At this point, whom would they tell (Donna and my wife)? I took a deep breath and walked back out, naked. Donna told me to stop and stand next to her on the couch. Fuck, I did just as she said and resigned myself to whatever would come this evening. She grabbed hold of my cock and just squeezed it and played with it. She talked to me about the T.V. show she had on while she played with my cock and balls in a leisurely fashion. Hell, I didn’t know what to think and now my cock was beginning to respond to her hand, regardless of whether I found Donna attractive or not!When Donna felt me begin to stiffen she turned and looked up at me and said, “Oooh good!”Just then Donna got a text on her phone. It was my wife. Then Donna said to me it was from my wife. Donna let go of my cock to reply to my wife’s text. I stood there like a servant! Donna giggled and fumbled with her phone then set it down. She smiled and told me to stand facing her while she sat on the couch.Oh well, I did it and tried my best to stay excited. Well, that was easy. Donna leaned forward, put her forearms on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She just sucked on the head and teased it with her tongue. I was responding. My cock was getting hard. Her mouth felt great. Then she would stop and squeeze my cock and stroke it up and down. She squeezed me until the tiniest bit of precum was on the head of my cock. Then she licked at it with her tongue and said, “Mmmm yummy!”Then as soon as she licked that tiny drop she leaned back, pulled back the hem of her dress again and said, “Time to get back to it sweetie!”It was a lot easier the second time. She held my head nice and firm and I let her lead me to the places she wanted to have attention paid to. It seemed to take longer this time, but Donna came almost the same way as the first time. This time she didn’t tell me to clean up. She told me to stand in front of her again and let her suck me some more. I did as told and as soon as I was hard she stood up, grabbed me by the cock and led me to the bedroom. Oh man, where is this going now? Are we going to fuck? I was a mess!Donna told me to lie on my back on the bed. She climbed up on top of me and planted her pussy hole right on top of my nose. My lips and tongue were right at her clit and her pussy lips. She grabbed hold of my nipples and slowly began to grind on my nose using it to penetrate just the opening of her pussy. I sucked on her clit and pussy lips, running my tongue everywhere trying my hardest to make her cum. I felt Donna grab my hand and squirt some lotion into it. Oh my God! This is exactly how my wife has been using me lately! This is just like the video she took!As I stroked my cock she got more excited. So did I! I needed to come so bad by now! I didn’t care if my wife was off fucking someone somewhere else. I just needed to come! I was starting to tense up and Donna picked up on it. She ground really hard on me and pulled my hands off my cock as she came on my nose. My lotion covered hands were at my sides when she rose up off my face and scooted forward a little and then lowered her asshole on to my tongue. Lately when I make my wife come this way she “rewards” me with getting to lick her asshole. Hell, I love it anyway! My wife must have confided a lot of little secrets to Donna.It wasn’t long until I shot a bunch of cum all over my stomach while Donna was feeding me her ass. As soon as I came she hopped off me and began to scoop up the cum and feed it to me like my wife has been doing.Donna intentionally put a bunch of cum in my mustache and goatee. I could feel it hanging in the hairs around my mouth. Donna told me that she wanted to finish watching some T.V. and for me to wait for her by the couch. Then she told to definitely not clean my face up in any way or else I’d be in big trouble. Then she slapped me hard on my bare ass one time leaving a good handprint.We went back to the T.V. and she grabbed my soft cock again. After about ten minutes of standing, I saw the lights of my wife’s car pull into the driveway. Donna stood up and let go of my cock. My wife came in and hugged Donna and told her thank you for keeping me entertained. My wife looked at the cum hanging in my mustache and gave a little giggle. Donna snickered and said I was good, really good, and told my wife that she fed me and that I should be ready for bed.My wife said that was good because she was worn out and tired from her evening and they said their goodbyes at the door. Donna smiled at me as she left and blew me a kiss.My wife came up and held me. I put my arms around her. She let go of me and scooped some last remnants of cum from my beard into my mouth. She told me thanks for being so nice to Donna and that she wanted to do something nice for her friend. With that, she said she was hitting the sack and was I coming too?I guess I’d find out about her evening later.  

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